Sunday, November 6, 2016

Termination Dust

In Sue Henry's Termination Dust, the second installment in the Alex Jensen/Jessie Arnold serial mystery series, this gripping mystery brought forth a hint of mystery from the past into the present. It all started, when Jim Hampton, a tourist from Colorado, visits Alaska on a trek to discover a skeleton with bones and a journal of Addison Riser, a gold prospector during the rush in 1897. From there, he's been concussed and set up for murder, when Alex Jensen from Anchorage and Charles Delafosse from the RCMP came to his attention. From there, they question him and his story and later watch it unfold, when two dead bodies turn up at the same time. During the brisk Alaskan cold, it brought along danger and mystery to Jim, Alex, and Del, when the past is connected to the present with new suspects popping out of the woodwork. As they sorted things out, it placed Jessie in danger as the real culprit came up and surprised them, when they put him behind bars.

This was an very good compelling mystery that brought a past mystery to take centerfold in the present fold. I cared for Jim Hampton and for Alex, Del and Jessie. I loved how they worked together to solve this mystery that took part in both parts of the country--Alaska and Canada. I loved the beautiful scenic settings for both dual locations across the border in the cold winter. This would take you into a compelling ride in every gripping turning page with drama, a bit of history, a lot of mystery, a hint of romance, and a lot of suspense with non-stop action.

Will you be checking out Termination Dust today?

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