Friday, November 25, 2016

Knit One, Kill Two

In Maggie Sefton's Knit One, Kill Two, the first installment in the A Knitting Cozy Mystery series, this mystery will slowly unravel and get untangled into a dicey mystery. Kelly Flynn returns to Fort Connor, Colorado, when she learns about her Aunt Helen's death. As she handles her aunt's affairs, she meets new friends and learns about the world of knitting. While she takes cares of business, she becomes curious about the nature of her aunt's death and discovers her aunt's hidden past from her aunt's cousin Martha. As she delves deeper into a closer look, she came close of being scared away and probes more into her aunt's past. When she thought it was figured out, she learned about Martha being murdered. In the end, she nabbed the bad guy with help from her her friends on the only way she knew how.

This is a great new cozy series to read and get hooked into a great mystery. I really cared about Kelly and her new friends, when she sought out answers on her aunt's death. I really learned a lot about knitting and how to create scarves and sweaters. I loved the scenic locations in Fort Connor, Colorado, and pictured myself there. This would get you hooked into knitting for this light read with drama, suspense, non-stop action and intrigue.

Will you try out Knit One, Kill Two today?

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