Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Devil's Work

In Mark Edwards's the Devil's Work, this psychological thriller will shock you and thrill you on how far someone would go for revenge. Sophie Greenwood always dreamed to work for Jackdaw Publishing Company in downtown London. When she had gotten a chance to do so as the new manager, things aren't what they seemed. It all started when one of her employees complained about a sexual harassment email on another employee. And then it spiraled out of control from there. First her close gay friend was beaten by a thug and then things got astray in her own workplace. While she was on probation in her new job, her husband Guy is getting accused of posting a harsh tweet that cost him his freelance career and their marriage hit a turbulent period. While Sophie has her eye on Cassie, a fellow go-getting achiever to climb the ladder of success, she believed she would do her in, like they did with the previous predecessor. And when she thought she had figured it out, she was wrong on who rubbed her the wrong way... someone from her past in the shocking ending... and why.

This was a gripping and bone-chilling thriller to take your breath away. I really cared for Sophie and Guy Greenwood and their daughter Daisy. I couldn't really stand Cassie and didn't like Simon much either. I guess I had every reason too, especially right in the end. I really thought bad for Jasmine (told via flashbacks) and how things ended up with her back then. It had excellent and compelling scenic locations through London and the SoHo area. This would take you on a disturbing roller coaster ride and made you care for Sophie, since this had drama, lots of non-stop action, intrigue, and plenty of mystery.

Will you be tempting to read the Devil's Work today?

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