Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Letters

In Luann Rice's The Letters, she told us a gripping and moving story about love, life and loss in one powerful woman's fiction novel.  For Hadley and Sam West, they had split up after their own child, Paul, died in a plane crash in Alaska. They went their separate ways and filed for divorce, when their love went wrong. For Sam, he had sent her the first letters, when he was set out to go to Alaska to see where the plane crashed and learned about dog mushing in his first Alaskan adventures. For Hadley, she wrote him back about how she needed time to herself in Mohegan Island, Maine, and how she painted again. Later on, they talk about how they first met each other, how they loved each other, and the sore spot about the reason for their divorce. Hadley became concerned on Sam's health out there, and enlightened him about her haunted cabin with a friendly ghost. Both of them didn't want to sell their home and their orchard on their land. While they discussed Paul and what he went through with his relationship with Julie, before the plane died, they mourned his loss in their profound way. They both sought out to get answers in Alaska and found their way back to each other in the end, when their love never died in spite of things.

This was a beautiful epistolary novel told in letters and in three parts. I cared for both Hadley and Sam West and what they had to endure by losing their own child. They both grieved and mourned their loss their own way, while they needed away from each other and in two different locations. I loved the vivid descriptive Alaskan locations and the idyllic Maine settings. Their love for each other and their son were gripping and moving on how they both sought out answers, when it in return brought them back to each other. This would pull your heart-strings real tight with drama, light non-stop action, and plenty of love to go around.

Will you reading The Letters today?

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  1. Hi Kristen, What a lovely review of THE LETTERS! Just a note that Luanne Rice actually co-wrote this book with Joseph Monninger.


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