Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Killer Plot

In Ellery Adams's A Killer Plot, the first installment in the Books by the Bay Cozy Mystery series, you'll be swept into the picturesque town of Oyster Bay, North Carolina. For Olivia Limoges, a heiress and aspiring author, she's been having a hard time writing her historical novel on the first chapter. But when she met Camden Ford, the leader of the Bay Books Writing Group, she was a bit reluctant to join. But when she did, she made new friends with Harris, Laurel and Millay, when they swapped chapters to read for critique. But things turned dark, when Camden turned up missing for their next meeting and later discovered to be murdered. For Olivia and her three new friends, it was up to her find out who murdered him with a clue of seasonal haiku poems. Then later on, two more people turned out dead from one or the same murderer. With the uproar of the town's plans for the local park abrupt at the city hall meeting, it was up to Olivia and Captain Havilland, her beloved black poodle, to discover the murder lurking in the midst.

This was a great cozy mystery to read and escape into. Every writer can relate to Olivia's writing predicament, when it deals with writing groups and why we need them to succeed in order to be better writers--the same for beta readers and critique partners as well. I did care for Olivia and her new friends, though I didn't like the Talbots at all. I do see a possible love triangle with Olivia/Flynn/Sawyer, too. I loved the Oyster Bay setting for a serene location in the settings.  This would leave you at the edge of your seat for a great read with drama, a spark of romance, intrigue and mystery.

Will you write a killer plot for your novels?

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