Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Skeleton in the Family

In Leigh Perry's A Skeleton in the Family, the first installment int he Family Skeleton Cozy Mystery debut. Georgia  Thackery is a single mother of a teenage daughter and lives in her parents home, while they're on sabbatical. While she's also a new adjust English professor at a college, she also lives with a talking skeleton named Sid, who's lived with her as long as she was a little girl. This mystery started on Sid finding someone from his past in a photo. That lead Georgia to go on a discovery search to look for clues into the past, like why Sid was murdered. But with a link of break-ins leads to a murder of Jocasta Kirkland, it made her dig deeper into the connection between her and Sid. The closer she dug deeper, the more she had put herself into peril, with Sid there to rescue her in the end.

This was a fantastic and charming cozy mystery with a hint of a paranormal twist. I cared for Georgia and Madison and thought Sid was a hoot for a talking skeleton. I thought Fletcher was a good catch for Georgia, until he rubbed me the wrong way. I did like the vivid and scenic locations and settings in Massachusetts like the manga convention. This would take you on a wild journey with drama, intrigue, mystery, a dash of paranormal for non-stop action.

Will you be checking out any skeleton in your family closets in a Skeleton in the Family?

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