Monday, September 5, 2016

How to Tame a Duke

In Juliana Gray's How to Tame Your Duke, the first installment in the Princess in Hiding historical romance series, she delivered a powerful knockout punch in this novel. For Princess Emilie, she's always looking for adventure. But when danger threatens her family from Germany, she took refuge and went into hiding, disguising herself as a male tutor for the Duke of Ashland's teenage son. As she transformed herself, she came to know about Ashland's family and to know the man herself better. When she was mistaken for a woman of the night at a hotel, she got to know him more intimately. For the Duke himself, a former soldier disfigured and with one hand from the war, he fell in love with Emilie until her true identity exposed herself. Until he can profess his feelings for her, he had to put away the demons from his past in order to have a future for himself and Emilie.

This was a wonderful historical romance novel. I fell in love with Emilie's story about how she had to go undercover and protected her true identity. I cared for Ashland, when he thawed out and became whole again, while he searched for answers in the past. I adored Freddie as well. I loved the London and Yorkshire dual scenes and vivid locations for the settings to put us right there. This had a bit of diversity, since Ashland's scarred, disfigured and missing a hand. This would take you into a heartfelt journey with drama, tons of romance, intrigue and non-stop action.

Will you be taming a duke today?

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