Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In Twenty Years

In Allison Winn Scotch's In Twenty Years, this woman's fiction novel grips you about friendship, love and loss and life itself from the very start. Twenty years ago, six Penn students make a pact to reunite and write their future plans in a time capsule on their graduation day. When their ringleader Bea died 13 years ago, the five friends reunited together on what would've been her fortieth birthday at the house they shared at Penn State. Each of the five friends took their own path. Narrated from the five friends' POV and how they dealt with the issues along the way. The college sweethearts, Catherine and Owen, who are going through marriage problems, when Owen's a stay at home dad and quit his law firm, and Catherine who's a superstar crafty diva like Martha Stewart. There's Annie, who's have her own marriage crisis, Colin, a single doctor, who had eyes for Bea and later for Annie, and Lindy, a Nashville superstar who's bisexual and an expectant mother. In the end, they remember Bea and what secret she took to the grave on her illness.

This was a beautiful woman's fiction that would tug at your heart strings. I cared for the five friends in their own way and how a remembrance for Bea had brought them together. In return, she gave something back. I loved the Pennsylvania scenic locations and the crisp settings that was seen from the five friends. I really felt bad for Bea who had to go through cancer again and later die from it, hiding the terrible secret of the real truth she died. This would grip you real hard and take you on an emotional heart-breaking ride with drama, romance, and plenty of heart-breaking scene with a hint of action.

Will you remember where you are in Twenty Years?

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