Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Delayed Justice

In Cara Putman's Delayed Justice, the third installment in the Hidden Justice inspirational thriller series, this would make you a believer of God and fight for the underdog.  Jaime Nichols is a public defender in the Washington D.C. Metro area and loved her job. But there was one thing that held her back, a secret she kept for the longest time: her uncle molested her when she was little girl. Now as an attorney, she did feel strong enough to tell her parents, her friends, and to inform others about the battle, when she decided to prosecute her uncle, Dane Nichols, before his nomination for an one-star general in the Army. And she never believed in God, when she had felt He had let her down. In the same apartment building, she met Chandler Bolton, an Army veteran who loves helping others deal with the transition and uses his dog Aslan as a comfort dog. Though when they first met, they had gotten off on the wrong foot and worked together toward together to help Tiffany Ange in a crisis, when her mother's boyfriend had assaulted her. It reminded Jamie when she was a little girl. While she fought against her uncle's threats and the potential loss of her job, Chandler had receives threatening calls from a mystery caller who would wish to see him harmed. Together they dealt with their inner demons, surrendered to their feelings, and let God lead the way to set things right with them in the end.

This was a truly exceptional and phenomenal inspirational thriller that tugged heart strings of my heart. I did really care for Jamie and how she dealt with that secret now and handled it the best she could. I did like her circle of friends who were there for her and supported her through everything by sending them lifelines and safety nets. I did like Chandler and Aslan, who make a hell of a team, and how they were there for Tiffany, Jamie, and other war veterans who were also in need. I did think they each had found their true callings that God provided them along the way and how they found each other. The scenic locations and the settings for the D.C. area was profoundly gripping, inside and outside the courtroom and Vet center. This would make you believe in God from the depth of your heart as you would sigh, shake your head, and take a big deep breath with non-stop action, suspense, drama and a hint of mystery.

Will you fight for your own delayed justice today?

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