Monday, December 3, 2018

On Magnolia Lane

In Denise Hunter's On Magnolia Lane, the third installment in the Blue Ridge inspirational romance series, this newest novel would uplift your heart and make you feel God's love. Daisy Pendleton had an idyllic life in Cooper Creek, Georgia. She worked at a floral shop with her mother and grandmother when a mysterious woman entered her store to request a bouquet of flowers. That made Daisy curious and to follow her the next time she spotted her.. and that was at her late father's grave.  When she confronted her, she learned the shocking trust about her father's infidelity and that they could be half-sisters. Blindsided by this devastating blow, they had a DNA test to confirm the allegations and it turned up true. She had always thought good things about her father and never thought it would shatter her life like broken glass. She didn't think she would be a perfect wife for Jack with all f her misgivings. Besides all this, Pastor Jack McReady had been in love with Daisy for two years at his church. But he had never found the place or time to tell her. He had known her as a friend and her pastor. And with some encouragement from a friend, he created a profile on the online dating app Flutter as "TJ." From there, they started a friendship when they talked freely about each other and had gotten to know each other better about their own lives. She confronted Jack about what's going on her with her mother and how she helped create a fundraiser for the Hope House's repairs. While things were getting a bit too close for Daisy and Jack aka "TJ", she dealt with the betrayal that her mother knew about her father's affair and how he fathered Julia, Daisy's half-sister. With a little encouragement, things came to ahead at the concert, when she discovered the truth behind "TJ" and how she had forgiven his deceit later when they had finally found each other in the rain with a happy ending of their own.

This was an endearing and lovely new installment in the Blue Ridge series. These novels are so inspirational and lifts your heart with well-written and moving words about trusting God and finding love. I cared for Daisy and how she helped Millie's reading issues, how she's close with her family, and how she helped the Hope House. She also reserved a special place in her heart for Pastor Jack and didn't know the truth about how he felt about her until it bit her on the nose. I cared for Jack and how she cared for Daisy and didn't mind her dyslexic issues. I loved how he cared for the church and for his growing community while he was enlightening everyone with nothing but gospel and the truth around him, even for his feelings for Daisy. I loved the scenic settings and lovely locations around Cooper Creek and how this community came together for a fundraiser for a good cause. This would  make you believe with your heart with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and a hint of sweet romance.

Will you stop by for a visit on Magnolia Lane today?

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