Saturday, February 9, 2019

Mistletoe in Texas

In Kari Lynn Dell's Mistletoe in Texas, the 5th installment in the Texas Rodeo contemporary western romance series, this warm-hearted tale would enlighten you for the holidays. For Grace McKenna, she had loved Hank Brookman ever since she was a child. She had also lived in her father's shadow as a domineering priest in Earnest, Texas. But when Hank had a tragic misstep during a rodeo match, she had kept a hidden secret from him and her family after their one-night encounter. And when he'd stormed out to head to Montana, she carried the burden alone. She later gave up her daughter for adoption. Now fast forward to three years later, when Grace worked as an athletic trainer at her former high school's basketball team, she had learned that Hank returned for the holidays. As for Hank, he had always loved Grace and had a troubled relationship with his father and with his own sister Melanie. After he had learned about his accident, he returned home to help pitch in to help out with the ranch. Then he ran into Grace. During the holiday season, they both dealt with the past and tried to make things right when they had fallen for each other. They also mended hearts and their relationships with their family to have a fresh new start. But when things get serious between them, they had to reevaluate their feelings to make the most of it in the future. 

This was a beautiful and charming Western and Christmas contemporary romance. I did care for Grace and how she was dealt with a strict father in her family's fractured household.  I did care for her on what she had to do with her daughter at the time---maybe she would be ready to take the next step to meet her. I also liked how she learned how to rope and made her own name as an athletic trainer. I did care for Johnny and Hank Brookman who had done more than mending fences along with their relationship. I did feel that Hank had overcome his inner demons and wanted to start things right with Grace. I did love the small-town community in Earnest Texas from the ranches to the rodeos and beyond--it had visual and scenic locations and lovely settings. This would charm your heart and feel blessed during the holidays or any season with sparks of romance, hint of drama, a tough of action, and plenty of suspense.

Will you be home to kiss under the Mistletoe in Texas today?

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