Sunday, June 16, 2019


In Catherine Mann's Defender, the first installment in the Dark Ops military romantic suspense series, this debut would have your heart pounding with every turning page. For Jimmy "Hot Wire" Gage, he's a test pilot for the army stationed in Turkey for a search-and-rescue mission for a captive soldier. But when the USO boat goes down, he rescues Chloe Nelson, the background singer for the USO tour. At first, they had gotten off to a rough start and butted heads. For Mike Nunez, he's on his own undercover mission to track down a female criminal kingpin named Marta Surec. And he believes that the key to find Chuck Tanaka in their prison is from a woman named Anya Surec. Gage designated himself as Chloe's bodyguard when they would learn more about each other and later will find themselves in love before long.  For Gage and Nunez, they would have to deal with a complex and dangerous mission to look for Chuck and battle Marta's goons that kidnaps Chloe and Livia Cicero. In the end, they would join forces to deal with Surec and follow their hearts to see where it would take them after this tour will be over.

This was a fantastic debut that deals with the war overseas and how they deal with dangerous mission across the globe. I loved how the location was in Turkey--something exotic and tropical, but could have a dark side for any tour of duty for the army. I loved the vast scenic settings in and around Turkey from the boat and off the boat too. I loved the combination of military + romantic suspense, which is something new and different to add to the genre. I cared for Chloe and became concerned for her health issues concerning her kidney transplant. I also found Jimmy a sexy piece of candy to fly planes and steal our hearts at the same time. This would make you swoon and sway with non-stop action, sparks of romantic drama,  plenty of suspense and lots of hair-raising moments.

Will you take flight with Defender today?

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