Monday, August 12, 2019

Murder on Park Lane

In Karen Charlton's Murder in Park Lane, the 3rd installment in the Detective Lavender Historical Mystery series, this novel would take you back to time with a twisted ride. It's London 1812. It all started when Detective Stephen Lavender and Constable Ned Woods from the Park Row Police Department received a call about a murder from Dr. Richard Allison, the Medical Examiner. They came to the scene of the crime to discover the body of David MacAdam. As they started the investigation, they learned more about the corpse that had more twists and turns with every clue. It ranged from adultery to being a lothario and a swindler to say the least. Meanwhile Lavender expected his first child with his Spanish wife Magdalena, while Ned dealt with fasting to trim his waist. Together, they come across some unsavory people who might want MacAdam dead for more than one reason. The closer they get to the truth, the more twisted it could be with one step from another until they found the culprit and put him and her behind bars.

This is a gripping and intriguing historical mystery that's set in 1812 London. I did care for Lavender and Woods on how they worked together and dealt with nefarious obstacles along the way. They worked well as a team and managed to care for their own families outside of the job. The locations around historic London in that period was very spot on and precise with every single detail on how they handled crime scenes back in the day. This has plenty of non-stop action, lots of intrigue, historical drama, and intense hints of mystery on every page.

Will you be there to witness the crime in Murder in Park Lane today?

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