Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Truth Behind the Lie

In Sara Lövestam's The Truth Behind the Lie, this gripping thriller will have you at the edge of your seat. It all started when Kouplan, an Iranian refuge living and hiding in Sweden, answered a strange ad who needed assistance from a PI. That's when he met Pernilla, a mother who said her six-year-old daughter Julia is missing, who doesn't want the Swedish police's help. From there, Kouplan asked her questions about the date of Julia's abduction and some background history in her life and Julia's. From there, Kouplan looks for clues all over Sweden to see if he could find her before it's too late. Since he's been living off the grid, he uses all his resources to help find Julia and if she was abducted by a child smuggling ring or not. Inside-out, he covers all his bases and tracks down anybody who might know about Pernilla and Julia's life including a priest named Thor. As he digs deeper into Pernilla's world and Julia's birth, something doesn't make sense to her. Was it a figment of her imagination or was she telling the truth? Kouplan has to find the answer before it might be too late to save either one of them in the end.

This was an intriguing thriller that's set in Sweden. The locations were so visual and mesmerizing with the scenic settings in every place and town. I did care about Kouplan on how he would solve this mystery and by staying under the radar. He would do anything to survive and to make ends meet. I loved it how his character is diverse and how he's a refuge in another country. I also cared about Pernilla and how her story spiraled out of control when Kouplan needed to divide fact from fiction, truth from the lies.  This would have you hooked on every page with non-stop drama, plenty of fiction, lots of suspense, and bits of mystery interwoven into the story line.

Will you be there to help Kouplan solve this case in The Truth Behind the Lie today?

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