Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Ocean Light

 In Nalini Singh's Ocean Light, the 2nd book in the Psy-Changeling Trinity, and the 17th installment in the series, this newest edition will take you on a whole new world of the future. Kaia Luna grew up as an only child as a water changeling to shift into a dolphin. She cooks for her cousin for the BlackSea Alliance that lives on the ocean. Bowen Knight works for the humans and has two weeks to live. Both Kaia and her cousin Attie helps heal him and puts him back together with a mechanical heart and performing a very dangerous experiment that might cost him his life or to stop psychic invaders to mess with his head. In that short time period, both Kaia get to know each other better, while they deal with dangers from the past and the unknown like a traitorous mole in the midst and Kaia's mate Hugo who goes missing for weeks. The chemistry brews between them to make an unstoppable bond. But when she goes missing from her dive, it's all in the name of love to bring her back alive and to discover a remarkable future together on land and in water. 

I absolutely loved and adored this newest edition to this futuristic paranormal romance series. I cared for Kaia, who dealt with so much when she was little and as an adult now. She's passionate to cook and help her rival/enemy recover from his wounds. Though she'd found him intolerable in the beginning, they do mesh well throughout the story and found Bowen as her true sole mate. And I loved how Bowen cared for Lily, his adoptive sister, who cared and worried for him while he was injured with a dangerous life-threatening brain surgery that could go either way.  They do make a great couple. I loved the futuristic outlook in Italy on land and on sea for a magnificent location for the series and for the story alone with mesmerizing scenic settings. The theme of the story is that opposites attract since love can move mountain and heaven and earth.

If you love wonderful paranormal romance with a whole new take of our world in the future with non-stop action, plenty of intrigue, lots of suspense, and sparks of hot romance, Ocean Light is the book for you.


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