Special early Iris Johansen reviews

The Treasure from January 2009

Best-selling thriller author Iris Johansen took a break from thrillers and returned to historical romance. In The Treasure, the sequel to the Lion's Bride, she told us an exotic and wild tale in the Middle East. Lady Selene Ware was an ex-slave from Scotland on a quest to find a precious treasure. An assassin named Kadar Ben Arnaud helped her escape from her harem to return her back home. Between the both of them, sparks fly between Selene and the dangerous Kadar on their journey. But she wasn't safe from the sheik who claimed her as his precious property, even worlds and continents away. In order to claim their freedom, he forced them to go on an exotic odyssey to find a precious treasure and the secret history behind it with dangerous stakes and the dark side behind it. She took us on a whole new world in this charming story of love and exciting adventure.

I really loved this enchanted historical romance, which reminded me a little of the classic tale of Aladdin. The pairing of Selene and Kadar was magical and heavenly at the same time. This made my heart race and sigh with contempt with dreamy eyes. Above and beyond, this was one of my favorite historical romances she'd written. The only thing to treasure in this majestic historical romance is the beauty of love. You'll fall in love with it as well.

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No One To Trust from October 2004

This spinoff from the earlier Eve Duncan series highlighted a new tale of danger and intrigue.  In No One to Trust, Elena Kyler's life was in danger from an abusive man who was her child's father. Although Elena's a trained assassin, she required Sean Galen's help in the midst of desperation to escape from him. She didn't want her child to live in his father's dangerous world.  Together Sean and Elena with her child flee from his clutches, while they watch him self-destruct with murder in their waking path. Her former lover only wished to see her dead. With nowhere to go to be safe and no one to trust with Rico Chavez's evil wealthy connections to stop them in their tracks, they learn to trust each other, lean on their own two feet, while a sizzling sparking chemistry happened between them, before they could put his madness behind them and end it for good.

This was a strong and powerful thriller. This dealt with abuse and possessiveness. I loved how strong Elena was to protect her child from Rico. I loved how Sean came to protect them like they were his own to find Rico head on. I didn't like Rico from my first gut instinct. He made my blood turn cold and shiver. I loved the locations for this backdrop of madness and danger. Elena was a force to be reckoned with.  Lots of non-stop action, pure chemistry between Sean and Elena, and lots of dramatic suspense to keep you reading all day long.

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The Face of Deception from March 2001

Iris Johansen introduced us to Eve Duncan in this debut thriller that launched the whole entire best-selling series.  In the Face of Deception, from the beginning, this was when her origins started with her first adventure. Eve was a single mother who's little girl, Bonnie, had disappeared and were presumed dead.  While she was on the hunt for answers from the serial kidnapper/killer, she helped other families find closure by becoming a forensic sculptor for the Atlanta PD, when a scull was found of a dead child. It all started with a skull she accepted from billionaire John Logan, a face that no one should've seen the end results. Deception and danger came Eve's way, when some people didn't want the truth exposed and might bury Eve with it. Read it from the beginning, if you never read it before. If you have it, reread it once more!

From this debut and beyond, you'll be hooked into the whole entire Eve Duncan series and spinoffs as well. You would care about Eve's fight for justice to find her daughter's body and search for the killer. We can see the magnetism between Eve and Joe over here and their enduring relationship. I felt an entire amount of explosive emotions from scared for Eve and worried for her later. She faced every mother's worst nightmare and then some.

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The Search from July 2006

In the Search by Iris Johansen, this is another early spinoff from the Eve Duncan series and the third installment. This time, John Logan required the services of Sarah Patrick and her dog Monty from an elite K-9 search and rescue team. He needed her help to track down a ruthless killer who brought down John's staff and ruining his venture. He manipulated her by knowing parts of her past to track down a sole survivor from his team. But little did Sarah know, this ruthless killer wanted to use her as bait for his own evil wiles. As John Logan promised to keep them safe, more mayhem and terror head their way, until they cross paths of an evil presence. Some sparks flew between Sarah and Logan, too.  Another excellent mind-blowing thriller!

I loved the focus on a K-9 search and rescue dog handler team between Sarah and her dog Monty. They always make for good reading. I loved Sarah and Monty and an early Eve appearance. As for John Logan, he was overall okay.  I didn't like the killer who would harm her and Monty as well.  Hooked from one page to another, you'll be compelled to read this in a few settings.

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Pandora's Daughter from November 2008

In another one of Iris Johansen's stand-alone thrillers, she took us on another hair-rising adventure of its own kind. In Pandora's Daughter, For Dr. Megan Blair, she'd been hearing voices in her head. She tried to silence those dormant psychic powers for years, when it drove her insane and out of her mind. She couldn't forget the past, when she learned about her mother's death and trying to save her heritage. People were out to kill her, use her and also seduce her, including Neil Grady, who held the key to her future... if she was to have one.  But little did she know at what cost would it be in the end to discover the truth behind her powers.

This was another excellent thriller that focused on the psychic phenomenon. I loved the mystery surrounding Megan's mother's death to the present day. Neil was an intriguing character as well. When they were pitted together, the sparks continued to fly. This made me want to keep reading more and more until the end, when I held my breath and exhaled a few times.

Ready for a thrill ride? Give this one a go!

Reap the Wind from September 2004

In one of Iris Johansen's classic earlier novels, Reap the Wind is the final installment in the Wind Dancer trilogy. Before Eve Duncan came onto the scene, meet Caitlin Vassaro.  Set in present day France, she knew secrets she'd kept hidden all her life on the rich and powerful. They would do anything to possess her knowledge and to find out what she knew. Little did she know about what danger that placed her in, and how people would kill for her knowledge. When she struck a deal with Alex Kazarov, a mysterious business man, he was more dangerous than her own enemy. Together, they're on the hunt for the Wind Dancer, a legendary and powerful statue with mystical intrigue shadow world. Somebody wanted to possess the statue, and would do anything to have it for his own, when it spanned countries and continents for the final showdown.

I loved the way it tied everything up from the previous two books, when two worlds clashed together into this fantastic conclusion to the trilogy. The beautiful French countryside was the perfect setting, when Alex and Caitlin met each other. The connection to the Wind Dancer statute was priceless with its hidden and dangerous powers. This one will make you sigh and take a deep breath with a fantastic ending.

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And Then You Die from October 2002

In a powerful standalone earlier thriller from Iris Johansen, And Then You Die, this one took us to a dark realm of dangerous adventure. When Bess Grady and her sister went to vacation in Mexico, it was nothing but a tropical nightmare. Dead bodies scattered everyone in its wake. For Bess, a  seasoned photojournalist who was sent there for an easy assignment, she discovered the truth behind the poisoned waters.  They joined forces with a mysterious man who held the key of stopping a dangerous weapon aimed at America. It was now up to Bess to do her best to stop the first wave of terror or die trying to bring down an evil force.

This classic early thriller gave me shivers and goosebumps. It was that good to leave me cold and numb all over. I did care about Bess and her sister, when their vacation ended up as their worst nightmare ever. I wondered about that mystery man. I became worried about the bad toxic water and who wanted to destroy America. This one packed a helluva punch with drama, intense action, and a hint of romance for Bess.

Why not give this one a try today? 

The Killing Game from June 2008

In the second installment of the Eve Duncan series, The Killing Game,  Iris Johansen told us another dark thrilling tale that sent Eve on a dangerous path. An evil man knew about Eve's grief and her hunt for her murdered daughter's body too well. He had an evil plan for her, since he knew about her forensic sculpting skills that helped other unfortunate families to find closure on their missing loved ones. He would get her hooked and temped with the search to find her from nine skeletal remains, hoping it might be her daughter's. In his own sadistic game, she would face this predator one and one, until he wanted her for himself as his final kill for the most prize of them all in this lethal game of cat and mouse...

This had sent chills and shivers down my spine. I was still enamored about Eve's pursuit to find her daughter or her body to take her home, while she helped other families out, too. How relentless she was to get closer to the truth, the more I rooted for her. I still love the Georgia locale and beyond all over the planet. This had a lot of tension and drama to keep you second-guessing from anything on every page.  I didn't like how evil people preyed on human's emotions like Eve's to make her vulnerable and weak. Great action, too.

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On the Run from February 2009

In another powerful standalone thriller from Iris Johansen, she told us another fascinating dark tale that left us breathless with every page turn in On the Run. For single mother, Grace Archer, she would do anything to protect her young daughter, Frankie. She raised her on a small Alabama Farm and watching her grow would make her forget the past. Somehow it never went away, since someone named Jake Kilmer watched over them during the past couple of years. When someone threatened to ruin their peaceful life, it left them no choice, but to go on a run. Grace needed to resume a new identity to protect her daughter from the secrets she kept so dear to her heart and matched wits with Kilmer, forcing her to reveal the secret she vowed to keep to the grave.

This was an intense psychological thriller. I loved the tension and the friction in the frenzied air.  I adored Grace's daughter Frankie. I knew Grace did the right thing to protect her daughter. That's when I had a lump in the throat that went down in my gut. I championed Grace and Frankie, while they went under assumed names. As for Jake, I sensed he was looking out for them as their guardian angel. The chemistry between them were red hot and burned to the touch. The many locations were exquisite and perfect for this thriller. This would leave you breathless with heart-pounding action.

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Fatal Tide from August 2007

In Fatal Tide, Iris Johansen delivered us with another gripping tale and adventure. She took us down to the bottom of the ocean and up to the surface. Melis Nemid was a marine researcher who knew all about the deepest and darkest lurking dangers in the water. And that included a secret deadly mystery at the bottom of the ocean. Only one oceanographer came close of finding out about it and later disappeared from the face of the earth. Melis was the last one who knew about the fatal truth and tried to put the past behind her, while someone evil was willing to bury the truth with her dead.  In a wake of massive destruction and ruin, a savage killer ruined her peace and quiet home, while she studied dolphin behavior at her Caribbean home. Only one person who can save her--that fellow male oceanographer--and he would seek to get to know her secret, her trust and her life--and what he really wanted from her, she wouldn't know until it was too late, when she would relive her fatal nightmares and might not survive from them all.

This was some explosive thriller. I loved Melis's devotion to her marine research career. I loved the backdrop of the ocean, above and under, to set the scene and paint in well. I loved Melis and became concerned about her as well too. There was so much to love about this novel and not much to hate.  Great non-stop action that would blow you away.  I adored the dolphin appearances too.

Ready to take a deep dive? Take a swim with this copy today!

The Ugly Duckling from September 2001

Iris Johansen told us her own thrilling interpretation on this classic fairy tale in The Ugly Duckling.  After a fatal attack that killed almost everybody, it left Nell Calder scarred for life. She transformed herself to a beautiful swan, when she gotten surgery to fix her face. She deserved her own fairy tale ending, but her worst nightmare had just started. Her attacker was still on the loose and remained on the hunt. Nell with her brand new face was determined to fight and take her back her life by seeking revenge. In order to catch him, she would prepare for the toughest battle in her life and might have to expose herself as his prime target as bait. This is a thrilling action-packed stand-alone thriller.

I loved this thriller version of the classic fairy tale. This one thrilled us with the power to believe in ourselves and make us doing something with it: to fight in what we believe in. I loved how Nell transformed her life like a duckling to a swan. I didn't like who done this to her and why. But the colorful backdrop made it for a good reading to send you tingles down your spine.

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Killer Dreams from May 2008

In this powerful stand-alone thriller from Iris Johansen, Killer Dreams, this one would make you sleep with the lights on. Dr. Sophie Dunston is a sleep therapist who specialized in night terrors--something her own ten-year-old Michael suffered from. She knew all about dreams that kill in the shape of nightmares.  Someone was watching them, someone from her deepest fears who haven't forgotten about her. In a shocking world of violence, fate intervened to safe her life, while this monster wouldn't stop and try again. It was up to Jock Gavin, a semi-retired hit man, and Matt Royd, who would save her from this nightmarish world she was now in. She had no choice but to trust Royd, because her worst nightmare had came to life and wouldn't stop until she screamed for her life.

This was another fascinating stand-alone thriller dealing with sleep issues. I liked the twist of dreams and night terrors for a sleep therapist. I did feel sorry for poor Michael and for Sophie, who both dealt with them. I didn't like how they were targeted. But I though Jock was an unique clever as well. But Matt was an idealistic superhero to protect them from terror. I love the idealistic backdrop for this storyline dealing with dreamscapes. Great drama, powerful suspense and shocking twists that would keep you up all night.

Ready to stay up late? Grab a copy with a light on!

The Wind Dancer from June 2005

In the Wind Dancer, the first installment in the Wind Dancer trilogy,  this historical romance took us back to where it all started during the Renaissance period in Italy. Lionello Andreas had vowed to protect the lost family treasure, the most prized and illustrious magical statue known as the Wind Dancer.  In order to recover it, he would need help from an unlikely source, a young woman in poverty to become a thief. Between the two of them, they're on a journey like no other, the allure of the Wind Dancer is too tempting, and to those who possess her will take us to a fatal realm to escape. The backdrop of Florence made this a gem of Iris Johansen's earlier thrillers... priceless.

Once again, I loved the beautiful backdrop of the Italian Renaissance period. We were introduced to a new time period with customs and cultures. I love Lionello and Sancha's connection into this magnificent piece. The whole fascination with the Wind Dancer statue is mind-boggling and captivating as well. It's a force to be reckoned with as well. I would love to read the second installment of this trilogy someday to make it complete. I imagined myself into that time when I read the book's gripping hook and endless page turning.

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Quicksand from May 2009

Eve Duncan returned in the eighth installment in her series. In Quicksand, Eve was still reeling from Bonnie's disappearance and murder. When someone called her with an anonymous call about her daughter, it brought back horrible nightmares from the past.  To take matters in her own hands, she enlisted Dr. Megan Blair to help her find her with her clairvoyant skills. Since then, she's been obsessed to find the truth about her daughter's murder for most of her life; and only this madman might know the truth about her daughter.  Megan and Eve used both of their skills to track down the kidnapper and bring her daughter's body home to her mother. She also brought Joe Quinn to assist her on the search through this madman's trap. Even if he had to lie to her about her, this killer would lure Eve into her own swamp of madness. Would they find her in time?

This was another fantastic Eve Duncan thriller. I loved how Eve teamed up with Megan on  this explosive mystery. I loved the Georgia location and how they traveled around the country.  I still didn't like how someone would prey on her emotions like that. This one sent me ice cold shivers down my spine to leave me numb for awhile. I liked how she needed Joe's support for this endless search for a monster and some sense of closure. Great drama, intense action, and an adrenalin rush in every scene.

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Long After Midnight from February 2000

In Iris Johansen's Long After Midnight, Dr. Kate Denby only wanted to save lives. For someone else, he wanted to end hers. She experienced the first warning, which was triggered miles away. The second one happened right where she and her own son stood. Now, she knew she became someone's prime target. Danger exploded in her own backyard, when someone stalked her and would consider her own son expendable. The sole medical research she personally invested into and devoted her life into ... could be the same one that could get her killed. For Kate and her own son, she would protect her own family and to have a medical breakthrough was to elude the killer and destroy him on her own terms.

This was another terrific stand-alone thriller by Iris Johansen. I found Kate a most formidable lead character who was strong and powerful at the same time. I could see the devotion she had for saving lives and protection her sun. I didn't like that someone would target her and her own son.  I loved the location this novel took place. This one would make you sigh and cringe at every surprising turn. Good drama and an explosive storyline to keep you at the edge of your seat.

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Countdown from January 2008

In Countdown from Iris Johansen, Eve's adoptive daughter, Jane McGuire, took center stage of the main lead character in the 6th installment.  Jane was on the race for her life, when someone sent a timed countdown for Jane's life. A ruthless merciless killer stalked her and wanted her more alive than dead. This sent Jane in a crazy maze of secrets and into an shocking attack on her. It was up to Jane to find out who was after her and who would stop in the way to get to her, too.  Without the help of those she loved most, including the FBI and the Atlanta PD, she would do anything to protect her and figure out this mystery on this own. She ran into a mysterious man named Mark Trevor, who would do anything to protect Jane from a 2000-year-old mystery, and out from the killer's hands.  Jane would do anything to preserve her new life, while her old past caught up to her fast, before time would run out for her.

This was another explosive Eve Duncan thriller.  I loved how this focused merely on Jane. I also love the timeline concept. I believe Mark Trevor was a real man of mystery and probably good for Jane. I love her fieriness and the ability to get out of tough situations. I loved the Atlanta and the other locations Jane traveled. She was a brave soul with such tough tenacity, too. I did really feel the her in more ways than one. Great drama, lots of suspense, and non-stop action to make you gasp, clench your teeth and release a long breath.

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Dark Summer from November 2008

In Dark Summer, Dr. Devon Brady is a devoted veternarian in make-shift hospital for a remote search-and-rescue mission. When a mysterious man brought her black lab into her doors, it sent her in a whirlwind world of terror and destruction. For Jude Marrock, he was out for revenge and involved Devon into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. Devon didn't trust him one bit. But when her friends were targeted by flying bullets, that sent her  with nowhere else on the run. With human and animal lives at stake, she didn't know if Jude's secrets were worth fighting or dying for in this maddening dark thriller.

This was another fantastic thriller that gave me ice cold chills.  I loved Devon's character as a veternarian and animals were a central part of this storyline. Jude was an unique character  as well with his own perks. I also loved the scenic depictions in this book as well. This thriller is one you couldn't put down and want to continue reading.

Dead Aim from May 2006

In Dead Aim, she witnessed death from the lens of her camera. And now someone focused their attention on her. For world-renowned photojournalist, Alex Graham, she'd seen it all from natural disasters to discovered acts of terror.  Her latest assignment had sent her in a dangerous and treacherous areas. When a dam broke in Arapahoe Junction, Colorado, it placed Alex in the center of attention, when she discovered a shocking act of terror and the following cover-up conspiracy story that would stun the world. Someone would do anything to silence her for good for exposing the shocking truth. The first attack on her life was almost near-fatal and brutal. She found an ally in John Logan who sent a bodyguard named Judd Morgan to save her life, who had an unsavory checkered past, and someone who kept dodging him on the past. What a whirlwind thriller to read!

This was an explicit thriller than no ever before.  For this stand-alone thriller, I loved the backdrop in Colorado with the broken dam. I also loved the concept of photojournalism too. It went well for this novel. I liked Alex and her persona, when she discovered the truth. She was a strong and powerful character.  I liked how Logan and Morgan came to her rescue to save her life. There was some mighty strong chemistry between Alex and Morgan as well. Plenty of non-stop action to keep you reading to the end.

Ready, aim, shoot! Grab a copy today!

Deadlock from May 2009

In Deadlock, Dr. Emily Hudson was an archeologist who traveled the world for priceless artifacts from various "hot spots" and dangerous countries. Her best friend, Joel Levy, was always by her side--until her crew was  massacred, leaving Joel and Emily were held captive as hostages, fighting for their lives.  They were victims from ruthless and heartless evil humans, until one mistake had snuffed Joel's life.  John Garrett worked for the CIA and other top secret covert operations, until they requested his services to save her life.  There was more to this job than they let him know, while there's a questionable connection between him and Emily.  She had revenge on his mind and hoped Garrett would help her seek it, while they both want to get to the bottom of the truth behind this conspiracy theory ... or at least, die trying.

This was an amazing and heart-pounding stand alone thriller. I cared for Emily and cried when Joel was killed. I liked the connection between Emily and John, which was an unique one.  Every turning page would hook you and scintillate you to keep you reading more right to the end. I held my breath a couple of times and let out a couple of soft sighs. I didn't like the people who murdered Joel one bit and the mastermind behind it.

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This Fierce Splendor from July 2001

In this early classic historical romance from Iris Johansen, This Fierce Splendor, it came from the Loveswept Historical Romance series from Harlequin and the 7th book in the Delaney series, too. We were introduced to young Elspeth MacGregor, who wanted to follow her late father's quest to go to the lost legendary city of Katalan. She studied everything about it, except how to get there. That's when she met Dominic Delaney in Hell's Bluff, Arkansas--the only man who knew how to get there. Although he was a wanted man, there was something about Elspeth that intrigued her with her wild determination. Before they would reach the end of their journey, they would have to control their wildest heartfelt and darkest desires for each other.

I loved how she paired up to mismatched people who come together. There was a lot of chemistry between them to steam up the windows in this heated historical romance. This would make you fan yourself at each gripping page and sigh, cry and laugh at every twisted page turn. This journey also lead their hearts to find each other. This is an ultimate classic in itself.

Be charmed with this copy today!

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