Special early reviews of Clive Cussler--page 3 (other novels)

Corsair from April 2009

In the 6th installment of the Oregon Files from Clive Cussler, Corsair, it would take you on a journey like no other. For Juan Cabrillo and his crew, they would face corsairs, which were pirates that comes in different varieties and versions. When the U.S. Secretary's plane crashed in Libya for a summit meeting, the CIA didn't trust the Libyans and asked Juan's crew to search for her. When they found her plane, they discovered that she had vanished. The new prime minister of Libya had other plans for the meeting which Juan couldn't let happen. It was up to Juan and his crew to uncover the historical trail of a century-old battle and ancient scrolls that they hope to find in a race against time to save the nation.

This was another excellent thriller from Clive Cussler. I love the ocean theme of sailing and salvaging for sunken ships. It took a toll on its own. I still love the Middle Asian centric location for each specific novel. I loved how this dealt with pirates of all shapes and sizes and forms with a terrorism twist. I did worry about the Secretary of State and distrust the Libyans as well. I rooted for Juan and his team to perform their own search and rescue for her. Great action, plenty of drama with endless twists and turns, and great intrigue with adventure on the high seas.

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The Chase from May 2008

In the first installment of Clive Cussler's NUMA Issac Bell series, the Chase, he had taken a break from modern day action-adventures of shipwrecks and went back into time with a historical twist in this new series. At the turn of the century, we were introduced to Issac Bell who was brought into the Pinkerton Detective Agency to stop a bandit of bank robbers on their crime spree. Forty years later, a lone locomotive rose from the waters of a Montana lake. It was now up to Issac Bell to chase across America in 1908 to stop them from stealing and killing later, before the San Francisco earthquake struck across their area.

For starters, I liked his new thriller series with a historical fiction twist. I loved the way he introduced Issac Bell and the Pinkerton Agency, too. I loved the historical accurate facts of events during that time period. I liked the introduction of Marion to Issac for newfound romance. This would take your breath away with a vast majestic view of the scenery across America on his chase in locomotives and classic planes and cars. This would make you turn your head and knock the wind from your sails, too. Splendid action, tons of historical dramatic events and plenty of adventure back in time along the way, with a hint of intrigue, too.

Ready for the great chase across America? Give this book a whirl today!

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