Special early reviews of Hailey Lind

Feint of Art from March 2006

In the first installment of the Art Lovers cozy series by Hailey Lind aka Juliet Maxwell, Feint of Art, we were introduced to Annie Kincaid and the art world. The Brock Museum's 15 million new Caravaggio painting was a fake. On the night she made her appraisal, the security guard was found dead during the line of duty. When a well-known art dealer had absconded with the real paintings and swapped them for the forgeries, it was enough to help pay Annie's rent and get her landlord off her back. But Annie had to deal with her past, when she left the underworld of the art world behind as it had caught up to her to figure who was the art thief out.

This was an enjoyable cozy series to fall in love and enjoy, when it dealt with the world of art. I did care about Annie and her faux finish interior design company. I didn't like how her past had caught up with her, or her landlord to hound her like a dog. I did love the theme of art thefts and the location of San Francisco for the series. This was a gripping light read that would take you for a wild ride. Good drama, plenty of action and suspense, and a great mystery.

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Shooting Gallery from May 2007

In the 2nd installment of Hailey Lind's Art Lovers cozy mystery series, Shooting Gallery, Annie Kincaid returned to solve another art theft mystery. When she discovered a modern-looking sculpture, she couldn't believe it was the dead body of the artist. That's when a Chagall painting went missing as Annie's friend Bryan was accused of the crime. At the same time Annie's mother showed up acted strange, she needed the assistance of Michael, a sexy art thief to track down the painting and the killer.  She needed to solve these mysteries fast, since life can be real short.

This was another terrific cozy featuring a bit of art history and art theft. I continued to care for Annie and became intrigued on this Michael character. I did feel bad for Bryan, while Annie tried to her best to solve the mystery. I loved the central San Francisco location and the Brock Museum for the perfect settings in this cozy series. This would make you moan and groan and shake your head in disbelief. Great drama, good action and suspense, and plenty of good twisted turns for this mystery to the end,

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Brush with Death from May 2008

In the 3rd installment of Hailey Lind's Art Lovers Cozy Mystery series, Brush with Death, Annie Kincaid returned to solve another art theft-related mystery. Back at San Francisco's Brock Museum, she restored murals and chased a grave robber from stealing Raphael's "Little Baker Girl" painting. She needed to prove, if it was a copy or the real deal. Or if he was involved Annie's grandfather or an Italian art forger. It was now up to Annie to figure things out, before she became one of the cremated remains in a graveyard.

This was another gripping Annie Kincaid cozy mystery. I continued to care about her and her family, including her grandfather. I loved the art theme and the art theft connection and the San Francisco location as well. I wondered about the whole deal with the grave robbery and the stolen painting of Raphael. This would make you shake your head in disbelief, too. This would shock you as well. Great drama, good action and plenty of spine-tingling intrigue for this mystery from start to finish.

Did you have a brush of death? If not, pick up a copy today!

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