Special early reviews of Michael Palmer

The First Patient from October 2008

In Michael Palmer's the First Patient, another excellent medical thriller with political thriller elements, this would take you to the edge of the seat. Andrew Stoddard and Gabe Singleton were room mates at the Naval Academy years ago. From war heroes, they became a county doctor and the governor to the president of the United States. During a political campaign, it was when Andrew's plane landed on Gabe's Wyoming home and had asked for Gabe's help, as he told him a shocking revelation--his own doctor's missing and had disappeared. He needed him to replace him. Gabe had  serious doubts before he agreed to get on board. When he had his own office in the White House, he believed Andrew might be going insane. He had the power to invoke the 25th Amendment, while he investigated his condition; in a race against time, it was up to him to save the country, too.

This medical thriller would give you goosebumps and leaving you feeling numb all over. I did care about Andrew and Gabe and the people in the White House. I was also concerned about our country, too.  I loved the Wyoming-D.C.  dual locations as well for this excellent medical thriller. I didn't like it on how people tried to make the president crazy as well. This would grip you on the first page and reel you in by the end, hooked by non-stop action, plenty of drama, and intense political thriller elements, too.

Will you be the first patient? If so, pick it up to give it a try!

The Fifth Vial from February 2008

In Michael Palmer's the Fifth Vial, he once again wrote us a fantastic medical thriller. In Boston, a disgraced medical student was sent to deliver a research paper to save her career. In the jungles of the Cameroon,  a brilliant, reclusive scientist is dying from an incurable disease and is on the verge of perfecting a serum to save lives and bring others tons of wealth. And in Chicago, a disillusioned  private detective was hired to determine the identity of a John Doe that was killed on a Florida highway. What bridged those three lives together was a single vial of blood, while they were in peril, they moved closer on unraveling the god-like secret society with antiquity roots. They dealt with deception and betrayal all the way.

This was a fantastic medical thriller that sent chills up and down my spine. I did care about the three main characters who were dealt with hardships and tough times. I didn't like it, when the secret society wanted to take control and manipulate their lives, even with a single blood vial. But I liked it on how those three lives all around the world were bridged together, too, and joined forces as well. I loved the trio of location of Chicago and Boston in the USA and straight to the Cameroon jungles. This would send you goosebumps and numbness as well. Great fantastic medical drama, plenty of intense intrigue, and lots of non-stop action from start to finish.

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The Second Opinion from March 2009

In another fantastic medical thriller from Michael Palmer, The Second Opinion, he wrote another gripping storyline that would make you think and question everything and everybody indeed. For Thea Sperelakis was diagnosed with Asperberger's Syndome and was treated as an outsider. She had trouble working at the medical complex and signed up with Doctors Without Borders to go to Africa. But when her father Petros was severely injured in a hit-and-run car accident, she returned home and battled her two brothers for treatment for their father with her other brother. As she dug closer to the truth behind the car accident, she received a message from her father who had Locked-in Syndrome to communicate to her with her answers.

This thriller left me breathless and chilled from head to toe with cold numbness. I did care about Thea, because she was someone different, and also Greek, too. I loved how she decided to travel to Africa to help others without medical protocols and rules. I did feel bad for her father who had Locked-in Syndrome, but somehow managed to communicate with her, too. I loved the Africa and Boston dual settings for the locations. This one would shock you to no end. Fantastic plot, gripping storyline conflict, terrific action and suspense with tons of intrigue and mystery along the way.

Want a second opinion? Give this one a read today!

The Patient from September 2004

In one of Michael Palmer's earlier and thought-provoking medical thrillers, The Patient, he told us a gripping tale that would haunt us after we read it. For Dr. Jessie Copeland was a neuro surgeon who knew about ARTIE, a tiny robot to use inside a patient's brain for surgery. When the relentless serial killer named Claude Malloche entered the Eastern Mass Hospital, he needed Jessie to remove his brain tumor and help save him with her robot. In a life-and-death struggle, when he held the hospital hostage and up for ransom, if she saved his life. Innocents will die, if she didn't, or will he kill again, if she did save him in this cat-and-mouse game.

This medical thriller would make you hold you breath right to the end. I did feel bad for Jessie, who was stuck in the midst of things for her neurosurgery operations. I didn't like Claude and his Russian Roulette either. He just rubbed me the wrong way. I loved the hospital and Boston Massachusettes location for this novel, too. Great suspense, excellent medial drama, and lots of drama and action to send up on a spine-tingling climax.

Why don't you give this medical thriller a read soon?

Miracle Cure from July 2002

In another stellar early classic medical thriller from Michael Palmer, Miracle Cure, this one tackled finding the right cure and medical treatment for diseases. For Dr. Brian Holbrook, he received a second chance to prove himself after a troubled path. At the Boston Heart Institute, he was chosen to join the medical team on testing a new miracle drug. With results so promising, he pushed his own father to join the study and get accepted, since he had a dangerous heart condition. But later he believed his superiors was hiding something sinister, when  medical records start to disappear, medical patients start to die, and was this drug would cause a death. As Brian started to dig deeper, his answers could cost more than his medical career.

This was another startling and shocking medical thriller. This one would leave you at the edge of your seat for sure. You would be gripped and hooked on the first page. I did care about Brian and his father and the heart patients, too. I also loved the Heart Institute and the Boston location for the settings of this novel. I didn't like how his bosses altered things to get away with murder, one way or another. Fantastic suspense, great medical drama, and plenty of action all the around to the end.

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The Society from April 2005

In another early medical thriller from Michael Palmer, the Society, he tackled the subject of the Hippocratic oath in the medical society. When the CEO of the Eastern Quality Health was murdered, she wasn't the first one to die. With a serial killer loose and the victims had one thing in common: they were all wealthy in the managed care system. For Dr. Will Grant and member of the Hippocrates Society, he was outraged by the system that care more about their wealth than their own money. But he had brought the attention of a zealot who would do anything to make Will his ally. Together he worked with rookie detective Patty Moriarty, who would do anything to save her career, when they would work to stop this stunning killer, before both of their lives would be in peril.

This was another terrific classic medical thriller from the late and great Michael Palmer. This one tackled the subject of the Hippocratic oath of first do no harm very well. I did care about Will and Patty and became worried about them much later on. I loved the backdrop of the Hippocratic Society and Boston for this novel. This was so gripping and nail-biting at the same time. Great drama, plenty of high-octane suspense, and lots of action to the end.

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