Special early reviews of Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

Mitigating Circumstances from April 2004

In the first installment of the Lily Forrester Legal thriller series, Mitigating Circumstances, by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, she brought us a hard-hitting legal thriller with hard cope topics. Lillian "Lily" Forrester was the new chief in the Sex Crimes Division for the DA's Office. She was also a mother of a teenage daughter and a wife of a weak husband, she finally had the courage to end her failing marriage. In lieu of that, someone broke in their home and raped her and her own daughter. From there, she started her own investigation on the rapist and took matters in her own hands with dire consequences to protect her daughter Shana.

This was a fantastic legal thriller debut dealing with the justice system. Lily was a strong character and a true champion while staying within the law. I was proud of her and what she had accomplished. I hated the rapist and her weak husband too. I did feel bad for Shana and what she had to endure in the night. I loved the California backdrop to show Lily inside and outside the courtroom, even in her own home. This sent cold chills down my spine and left me breathless.

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Trial by Fire from May 1998

In one of Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's standalone thrillers, Trial by Fire, she told us a scintillating tale of revenge and of arson. Stella Cataloni was a stellar Houston DA with a 100% conviction rate. She barred her hidden scars with her long hair from a fire that claimed her parents, when she was a teenage. That was the only crime she wanted to solve and persuaded the Houston PD to reopen the case, even if she had to reopen the wounds. When she did so, they believed she was the suspect of the arson--murder. In order to clear her name, she would use "forensic animation",  a new kind of computer technology to point the spotlight in another direction, like her former beau, and further complicate things with the investigation. In the end, she found the love of her life and learned the truth about the fire.

This was a fantastic legal thriller. Stella was a strong character as a teenage girl to a grown woman who fought the justice system. She was someone to admire with a strong bravado. The Houston backdrop was the perfect place to set the scene. I didn't care for much on her boyfriend or Randall. I loved the concept of using new computer technology to recreate crime scenes, even cold cases. This would grip you right to the end.

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Buried Evidence from August 2003

In the second installment of the Lily Forrester legal thriller series from Nancy Taylor Rosenberg series, Buried Evidence, it took place six years later from the first book in the series. Lily was now divorced, when her husband knew about her deepest secret and was now under suspicion. He would do anything to expose Lily. Her daughter Shana was now the target of a madman, when the rapist was still set free on the on the streets, walking and searching for them. Lily now had to protect her daughter and ensure her accusers of the truth of the matter.

This legal thriller series will most definitely blow you away to high water. I did feel sadness for Shana and Lily, when things haven't changed and have gotten a bit worse since then. I didn't feel a thing for her ex, since he was a weakling. I continue to love the backdrop of the series and how rich the courtroom drama series continued to unfold and unravel in slow motion. I was glad that Lily was a fighter and a champion, too. Lots of suspenseful action and lots of tense drama too.

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Abuse of Power from October 2000

In one of Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's earliest legal thrillers, Abuse of Power, this dealt with law enforcement of the worst kind. When Rachel Simmons, a widow and mother of two, joined the police force of a small California town, she wanted to serve her community to protect and serve. But when she discovered a hint of police corruption, she didn't expect to run into trouble and pay the price for reporting it in, except for keeping it quiet. The ending I won't give away, since it was a devastating bittersweet blow in the end.

This was like a bitter pill to swallow. I didn't like the police corruption angle and the threats that were made on her. I did feel trepidation for Rachel and her family. This gave the shakes and a cold wave of sweat. I did love the California location as well. I hated the ending as well. I didn't like the corrupted cops who've done that to her. Plenty of action, tons of drama, and loads of suspense at every  page.

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Sullivan's Law from August 2005

In the first installment of the Carolyn Sullivan series by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Sullivan's Law, we were introduced to Carolyn Sullivan, a take-no-charge probation officer for the Ventura Police Department. She was also a single mother of two kids with a pile of work on her desk and a mountain of debt to go through. But her day had just gotten much more worse. One of her probationers was arrested for rape and made front-page news headlines, which landed back on her desk.  Not only that, instead of laying low from the brass, she was assigned the sensitive case of Daniel Metroix, a serial killer with paranoid schizoprenia. He went to prison, when he was a teen boy and claimed he was innocent. But she was dug into the case, people wanted her to remain silent and let it go. The more she dug for truth,  someone came after her and her family.

This was a great introduction to a new kind of legal thriller series with a twist. I did feel bad for Carolyn and her family, when all of this landed on her first work day of the week. If it wasn't one thing to go wrong, it would lead to another. I loved the backdrop of Ventura, California, and to have a probation officer to helm the lead role in this series, too. This made me hold my breath and let it go. Great non-stop dramatic action and tons of twists and turns on every page with lots of suspense.

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First Offense from October 1998

In another classic early legal thriller from Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, First Offense, she told us a gripping tale that would send shivers down our spine. We were introduced to California probation officer, Ann Carlisle, a single mom of a teenage son, when her police officer husband vanished four years ago. She was always sexually awakened by a powerful DA, too. As she left for work one day, a bullet struck her shoulder, when Jimmy Sawyer, a drug dealer saved her life and wondered what he was doing at the scene of the crime. While at the same time, she investigated a man who brutally raped people, when  at the same time, the evidence had disappeared from Jimmy's house, too.

This legal thriller would keep you guessing and keep you hooked to the end. I loved the California backdrop. I did feel for Ann, when she dealt with overwhelming crushing pressure, especially since her husband went MIA. She couldn't do with everything at once. I wondered about her husband and about Jimmy Sawyer too, if everything was related in a way. Great drama, enthralling non-stop action, and tons of suspense to keep floored in every page.

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Sullivan's Justice  from January 2009

In the second installment of the Carolyn Sullivan legal thriller series by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Sullivan's Justice, Carolyn Sullivan returned in another harrowing tale. This time, when her brother Neil was arrested for his dead girlfriend's body floating in the river, he became the prime suspect. For Ventura County probation officer Carolyn Sullivan, she would help her brother out by clearing his name. Lately, evidence proved it was liked to serial killer Raphael Moreno, one of the ruthless criminals she ever faced. Now it would be tough for her to get inside his head and make the toughest decision she had to make on who to save...

This was another enthralling legal thriller on focusing on the law enforcement side. I continue to love the Ventura County area in California for the background. I did feel bad for Carolyn and Neal, when they wound up into a sticky life-and-death situation. This one was gripping to the end as I despised everything Moreno stood for. Great drama, nice intrigue and plenty of surprising twisted turns at the end.

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Conflict of Interest from September 2004

In another excellent stand-alone thriller from Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Conflict of Interest, she enthralled us with another shocking tale to tell. For District Attorney Joanne Kuhlman, she struggled in her life to rescue her children from her ex-husband who kidnapped them. Now she must make a decision that might end her career. While representing three clients for a robbery, one of them was ignorant from the true nature of the crime. His attorney and mother argue that he was cruelly exploited by his partners. When he disappeared, Joanne believed he was murdered to remain silent. Now Joanne must compromise herself to reveal the truth.

This was a superb stand-alone thriller. Yet alone, a nail-biter that would make your hair stand on end like a black cat. I did care for Joanne and her family and shook her head in disbelief for her ex. I did feel for that lone client of hers, while I couldn't care less for the other two. As for her entanglement with his attorney, I thought that it would be a bit dangerous in nature. I did like the California connection in the storyline and the stone cold ambiance in the air. A real gripping with plenty of action, intrigue, suspense and drama on every page.

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California Angel from August 2009

In Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's California Angel, she took a break from her legal thrillers to write this compelling spiritual literary fiction that's perfect to be read or re-read during this time of year. For Toy Johnson, she was a L.A. school teacher who couldn't help children in trouble. While her marriage to Stephen faltered, she'd been experiencing heart problems and had a dream about a boy in Kansas. Later she was arrested for his kidnapping, when she only dreamt about him. A mysterious cop named Joey became her guide. This novel had a shocking ending you don't want to miss or relive again.

This novel was a real charmer and perfect for the holiday season. This would make you a believe in angels, which comes in all forms shapes, sizes, even for us human beings. This would make you sing its praises. You've got to admire Toy and feel sorry for her at the same time with a marriage in trouble and her heart's giving out. I loved the ethereal feel of it for Los Angeles and Kansas for the ideal locations. This was so beautiful it made me cry and sigh at the end. Great storyline, nice intrigue with a hint of mystery, and smooth action.

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