Special early reviews of Tess Gerritsen

The Surgeon from March 2003

Before the Rizzoli and Isles TV show based on the hit best-selling series started on TNT, it all started with Tess Gerritsen's The Surgeon.  In the first installment of the Rizzoli and Isles series, That's when they first teamed up to solve their first case.  There was a killer on the loose, targeting lonely woman and broke into their apartments, torturing them before killing them off. His surgical skills lead them to believe he was a physician perfecting his incisions. For Jane Rizzoli and her partner, Thomas Moore, began their investigation and found a discovery in Catherine Cordell, a beautiful medic with the past. Two years ago, she was raped and survived an attack on her life, before she shot him dead. Now Cordell was targeted by a new killer who knew about her tragic past and stalking her to make her the next victim.

 I love the series and the TV show. This was a great introduction to know them together. I loved how they met and worked together. I thought Thomas Moore was all right. Catherine Cordell was an enigma in my opinion. I love the backdrop setting of Boston overall. I didn't care much for Warren Hoyt. He gave me chills. The future pairing of Maura and Jane, two polar opposites who worked on the same case for the same purpose, couldn't be beat. Jame's family was interesting as well.

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Harvest from July 1999

In this earlier medical thriller by Tess  Gerritsen, Harvest dealt with the topic of organ transplantation.  For medical resident, Dr. Abby Matteo, she was delighted to join the Boston Bayside Hospital for a potential recruit to join their transport team. Wracked with guilt, she helped direct a heart to a dying teen than an elderly woman who needed it. When a new heart arrived for the woman, she uncovered a grisly discovery about the falsified donor records. While the hospital wanted it kept a secret, she started her own investigation on unchartered waters, before she was next in line as a victim.

This was a gripping medical thriller dealing with hard-core issues. I enjoyed Abby and loved how she persevered through hard times. I loved the Boston backdrop and the ambiance balanced by danger and evil throughout the novel. This left me feeling cold and sweating all over with gritting teeth. I didn't like the people at the hospital who covered this up. This sucked me in for a wild ride.

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The Apprentice from July 2003

In Tess Gerritsen's The Apprentice, the second book in the Rizzoli and Isles series, Jane Rizzoli was back and teamed up with medical examiner, Maura Isles. Someone have been killing the wives of rich men as they watched the brutalization during a hot summer. This pattern had suggested it came from the handiwork of Warren Hoyt, who was locked away in prison. Now Jane thought someone had based his crimes in a copycat fashion of Hoyt, when she had to face him in prison, the same maniac who scarred her for life.  She needed to get some assistance from her fellow partners to end his criminal influence for good. And that's when she met FBI Agent Gabriel Dean, who had a past of his own to stop this killer in its place.

This was another bone-chilling  medical thriller. I loved how she officially teamed up with Maura for the first time on this disturbing case. I liked the friction that Jane had with Gabriel Dean, who was a man on his own mission. I still loved the backdrop of Boston for the entire series. I despised Hoyt and his fellow copycats. It left me chills down the spine. This was a fantastic read!

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Gravity from August 2002

In Tess Gerritsen's Gravity, she told us a case of medical suspense that would take us above and beyond to outer space and back home on Earth. For Dr. Emma Watson, she'd been training to study life on other planets all her life for NASA. But her mission aboard the spaceship became a colossal nightmare. The single-cell organisms regenerated out of control and began affecting everyone on the space shuttle with an outbreak, meanwhile her estranged husband Jack McCallum worked in a panic with NASA to bring her back home. With no rescue in sight for them, everyone began dying one by one until they were all gone.

For starers, this was one of my favorite early stand-alone thrillers of hers. To use outer space and NASA as a backdrop, it would take you out-of-this world and beyond that. I fretted over Emma and her space crew, when they ended up with a medical and scientific disaster. I didn't like how the cells took over and killed them one by one. But I thought Jack still cared for his ex and would do anything to save her life ...and win her back. You really get a sense of non-stop medical suspenseful drama and action in this one.

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The Sinner from October 2005

In Tess Gerritsen's The Sinner, Rizzoli and Isles returned in the third installment of the series on another gruesome. A killer have created some carnage at a convent, killing one nun and one seriously injured by his savage attack. For Maura Isles, she discovered another grisly twist, when another dead body have been found--the head, hands and feet have been removed. It was now up to Jane and Maura to delve into the investigation that lead to the shocking truth of who the killer really was...

This one will give you more chills than ever before. I continued to love the Boston backdrop for the settings. You really get a sense of the ins and outs of Bostonians for sure. I continued to love the partnership of Jane and Maura. There were a force to be reckoned with, too. Some parts were a bit repulsive and hard to swallow. So you shouldn't read this if you have a weak stomach. With every gripping turning page, you would be blessed to reach the end of this book!

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 Body Double from September 2006

In Tess Gerritsen's Body Double, the 4th installment of the Rizzoli and Isles series, Jane and Maura returned in this shocking cold medical thriller. The latest corpse in their next case was Maura's identical twin sister. Both of them start their investigation into the deepest and dark secrets and twisted truths of Maura's past. With a simple DNA test, it lead them to Maura's biological mother, who might have plans to take her life away.

This one left me chills up and double my spine. I liked how it shone the spotlight to focus on Maura and her past to find her birth parents. With that twin twist, it really turned up the turbo booster in this fast-paced medical thriller. This left me breathless and cold all over. I didn't like her birth mother for sure. I loved how Maura teamed up with Jane to help solve this chilling murder.

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Harvest from July 1999

In one of Tess Gerritsen's earlier medical thrillers, Harvest dealt with organ transplantation and the darker side of it. When Dr. Abby Matteo, a medical resident, was elated to find out she was a potential recruit for the Boston Bayside Hospital's transport team, she was in for a ride. As she helped deliver a heart to a dying teen than an elderly woman who needed it, guilt wracked her. And when a new heart arrived for the woman, she discovered a shocking truth of the cover-up of falsified donor records. As the hospital wanted her to keep it a secret, she went on her own medical investigation to discover the grisly side of it, when she ended up on unchartered waters to face a deadly killer.

For starters, this held me with every gripping turning page from start to finish. I loved Abby's perseverance and the bitter truth behind the dark conspiracy. I did became worried about her and her medical career. I didn't like the hospital staff who covered it up and wanted to harm her. I loved the ambiance of action and danger in the Boston backdrop. This left me feeling cold and shaking all over in the end.

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Vanish from January 2008

In the 5th installment of Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli and Isles Medical Thriller series, Vanish, Jane Rizzoli was pitted against a new form of evil. When Maura and Jane came across a woman in the corpse in the gurney, they both find themselves on the wrong side of the room. Without an identity to her name, they discover she was very much alive. She killed a security guard and took a couple of people as hostages, including Jane who was pregnant with her first child. While Gabriel and Maura try to unravel the mystery, it was up to Jane to hold the key by discovery the truth behind it.

This was one of my favorite R&I thrillers.  I continued to love the twosome of Jane and Maura and their friendship they had. I did feel quite bad for Jane, who was pregnant with her first child, and had to endure some stress as a fellow hostage. That went double for Gabriel as well. I continued to love the Boston backdrop and the race against time feeling.  Some parts made my skin crawl and break into a cold sweat. Great medical drama and tons of suspense to keep you reading for more.

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Whistleblower from October 1999

In one of Tess  Gerritsen's earlier medical thrillers, Whistleblower, she told us a harrowing tale of circumstances. When Victor Holland flew in the night, he  landed in the path of Catherine Weaver's car. Afraid of his broken body, Cathy rushed him over to the hospital, praying for his survival, when he was better off dead. Instead, it began her worst nightmare. Victor was running for his life, when their encounter placed her head on into mortal danger. He had uncovered a deep dark secret that hailed from Washington, when people wished he would remain secret. But with the looks in his eyes and the bullet in his shoulder took her another story. Should she trust him with her life?

This medical thriller had plenty of twisted turns to keep us guessing and to keep the pages turning in her fingers. We could feel the imminent danger that surrounded Cathy, when there was no love loss for Victor. It was hard to tell, if we liked him or not. I loved the backdrop of their change encounter in Boston and the ambiance of deep danger that placed them in. This was made for non-stop reading with plenty of suspense and intrigue.

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The Mephisto Club from April 2007

In the 6th installment of the Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen, The Mephisto Club, Jane and Maura were back with a shocking medical thriller than before. It was Christmas-time in Boston, when they've found a young corpse with a Latin script in blood of the crime scene. Deeply chilling, all clues lead back to Jane's nemesis, Joyce O'Donnell, who was a member of the sinister cabal called the Mephisto Club, who studied Satan and everything evil in Beacon Hill. From there, they found a dead body at their doorstep who left the cabal cult members real worried if they would become next. It was now up to Jane and Maura to find out who was the true culprit behind the gruesome murders.

This medical thriller left me with chills and goosebumps. The crime scenes were a bit hard to stomach and to get through. It would even make you sick to your stomach. I continued to love the pairing of Jane and Maura to get to the heart of this disturbing crime scene. I didn't like Joyce, but thought of Anthony of an unusual character. Bone cold chilling suspense, surprise twists, and tons of action to keep you reading all night.

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Presumed Guilty from September 2008

In one of Tess Gerritsen's earlier medical thrillers, Presumed Guilty, she told us a wild and dark tale.  When Miranda Wood had found her ex-lover dead and stabbed in her bed with her own knife. Now she was usually the suspect. But when an anonymous person posted her bail, she wondered what was the story behind it. Now it was up to her to clear her name and found out who killed her ex-lover.

This classic novel had a bunch of twists and turns at every page. This one would give you chills all over with a baited breath. I loved the Boston backdrop and the air of suspense. I did feel a pang of heartache for Miranda. I wondered the same things as she did. This book would you guessing to the last page.

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The Keepsake from October 2008

In the 7th installment of the best-selling Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen, The Keepsake, she told us a macabre tale of a grisly murder than no other. At the basement of Boston's Crispin Museum laid a perfect preserved museum. What shocked the staff was the remains of a dead woman. It stunned Jane and Maura at the grisly details of the crime scene, and someone sent a cryptic message to them. For archeologist Josephine Pulcillo, she knew that someone was stalking her with the same kind of scientific expertise, when a third body was found.  And there was a dark secret she kept to herself, when it was up to Maura and Jane to stop the killer before Josephine was next.

This was a bone-chilling medical thriller at its finest. This one delivers a cold chill than no other. Most of the crime scenes were a bit hard to stomach. But it served it purpose at how ghastly it was in nature. Once again, I loved the pairing of Jane and Maura working together on its most disturbing crime scenes ever.  The Boston backdrop in the Crispin Museum and other places were perfect to settle the score. I did care for Josephine a tiny better and did feel bad for her as well. Great drama, nice suspense and a terrific storyline.

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Bloodstream from May 2002

In one of Tess Gerritsen's earlier and classic medical thrillers, Bloodstream, it surely delivered like the others before it and beyond it. For Dr. Claire Elliott, she thought Tranquility, Maine would be the perfect spot for her to raise her adolescent son in a small resort town. Surrounded by the lapping waters of Locust Lake,  she discovered it ended up being a total nightmare. When winter snapped at them, she learned that a teen had committed a violent crime. Later she discovered that it was a start of a violent outbreak amongst the town's teens. From there, she uncovered the dark conspiracy of evil behind it and the violent history that it happened before. It was up to Claire to stop it and protect her son from evil harm.

This one packed a helluva punch. I did feel sorrow for Claire and Noah, when they had to deal with a loss and needed to escape to start over and fresh. At every quickfire turning page, there was a shocking twist to leave you cold all over and numb inside. I hated for the evil that must've came from the water or somewhere else. I loved the backdrop of Tranquility/Locust Lake Maine to become the central location in northern New England.  Great medical suspense, intense dramatic action, and a wild storyline.

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The Bone Garden from August 2008

In one of my favorite stand-alone thrillers from Tess Gerritsen, The Bone Garden, she bridged a compelling mystery that was forged by a century apart. This was a great collaboration of historical fiction with a medical thriller from her. In present day Boston, Julia Hamill discovered a skull buried in her backyard. From there, she took it to Dr. Maura Isles, who believed this poor soul was murder. In 1830, for Norris Marshall, a talented poor student at the Boston Medical College was a local resurrectionist---someone who plundered the graveyard for bones to sell in the black market. From there, he discovered the gruesome murder of a nurse and then of the doctor, when he was the prime suspect. To prove his innocence, he teamed up with the only witness, Ross Connolly, and an intelligent man named Oliver Wendell Holmes to find the killer.

I loved how we get to see two parallel worlds in this terrific medical thriller with historical fiction/romance elements. We've also get to see a glimpse of Maura in a stand-alone role, while we get to see what life was like, two centuries ago in Boston, on how to solve a murder. We do began to care about Julia, Norris and Rose for sure. I did feel worried for Norris as well.  Great terrific suspense, a heightened sense of drama and action, and two colliding worlds to create a spine-tingling medical thriller.

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Life Support from February 2002

In Tess Gerritsen's medical thriller debut, Life Support, she brought us an intricate tale on suspenseful medical intrigue. For Dr. Toby Harper, she could handle the quiet and the control at Springer Hospital. That wasn't until she admitted a man with a possible brain virus and doesn't respond to treatment. Before she knew it, he disappeared. In the search for him, she found a 16-year-old pregnant prostitute and then to her second patient, and then to a tragedy at her own home. It was up to Toby to stop this viral epidemic from spreading and to find out who unleashed it.

This one left me cold and numb with icy shivers down my spine. This also literally took my brath away. It can't help but feel that way. I did care about Toby and her patients at the hospital. I liked how it took place during the night and stayed put in the Boston area. When it struck at her home, I felt nothing but sadness and sorrow. This had plenty of heart-stopping suspense, heart-pounding drama, and shocking non-stop action.

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