Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Tunnels

In Michelle Gagnon's thriller debut, the Tunnels, the first installment in the Kelly Jones  Thriller series, we were introduced to a dark thriller. For FBI Special Agent, Kelly Jones, she never saw a nasty crime scene before this one. When two college students were found murdered in a New England tunnel system beneath a prestigious New England college. For Kelly, she teamed up with Jake Riley, where a connection between them were sparking at first. From there, she found a link between the two murdered girls and a dark tale of why they were picked for random. The killer taunted Kelly to go dark and deep into the tunnels herself.

This novel shouldn't be read in the dark, since it could give you goosebumps. Leave the lights on! This thriller can send you an emotional roller coaster of the darkest level of evil could be obtained. I cared about Jake and Kelly, while they worked together.  I also enjoyed her fellow agents in the team.  I felt every sort of emotion in this novel from hating the killer and rooting for Kelly to solve the case.

Ready to leave a light on? Get a copy today!



  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Kristen. I'm not familiar with Michelle Gagnon's series, but it sounds like something I would like.

  2. Good morning.

    I am not a good reviewer of books. If I like it enough to read it at all - it's wonderful. So I appreciate people who are able to write reviews.

    Gayle McCain

  3. Hi Kristen:

    Pick up a copy of "The Slippery Art of Book Review," by Mayra Calvani and Anne K. Edwards. It will certainly provide you with terrific tips and guidance.

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  4. Donna M., we meet again. Thanks for the title. I'll make a note to it. Gayle, thanks for sharing your thoughts. LF, you're welcome for the recommendation.

  5. Hi Kristen,
    I'm on my way through your blogs. I couldn't comment on your writing blog tho--don't know how to although I've got a wordpress blog myself. Curious and curiouser.
    What I really wonder is, between all of your reading, your writing, your twittering and blogging, where do you find time to breathe?

  6. Hey Christine. You should be able to go to my writing blog. It's People commented on it. I do take breathing breaks to breathe in between. I blog every once in awhile to read. I do have your book on my TBR list.

  7. I feel the same way about writing reviews. I personally been told that I can't write by my English teachers in the past and it stills influence me to this day.

    This year I was so depressed about my reviews that I have not reviewed alot of books. I stepped away from my blog for awhile. But the urge is strong to start reviews again. Soon maybe.

    The sad thing is there is not awhole lot of advice out in the internet world in how to review books. So I just write the best that I can. Some times I am happy with it. Other times I don't like what I wrote.

  8. Hey Pabast. Thanks for following and stopping by. Me too. I don't know how people can write long ones. Good advice.

  9. Do not worry about the author. Just find the book called "The woman in white". I can only hope you like it. I liked it, when I read it.


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