Monday, June 29, 2009

Tiki bars and Emma's newest heirs

Today I'm going to review two new books for you today. First it's Unexpected Blessings, another book in the Emma Harte Saga by Barbara Taylor Bradford. This one deals with 9/1 1 and the second generation of the clan, her great-great grandchildren. Lots of drama, romance and intrigue, for more half cousins, kissing and holding. I forgot to mention, there's one more book in the book to read in the mix: Emma's Secrets. That won't be until next year or so. This is also centered in London and the UK with a good follow up to the previous book.

If you're up for a good laugh, like with Donna Andrews's Meg Langslow's mystery series, this mystery has all the ingredients for a quick read. Lots of humor, a bit of romance and a good mystery for a light read in any season. Set in a tiki bar in Florida, in which it takes center stage, you'll be swinging and going bananas with laughter for this one.

As for my reading list, I've started Matters of the Heart and hope to finish that book for the library. I'll start the Cheater and Medusa tomorrow. Up next is Final Scream, Death on Demand, and Wrong Place, Wrong Time. This holiday season's reads are Low Country by Anne Rivers Siddons, Watermind by MM Buckner and Margin of Error by Edna Buchanon. On Wednesday, when I drop off my books, I'll be at 18 books to go (excluding those on writing/research for Nano ms), I can request new books again after a break in two months. I try to keep my queue number of returned books around 20ish.

Here's my six new books to request: Donna Andrews's Revenge of the Flamingoes, September by Rosamunde Pilcher, Buried by Breakfast by Lorna Barrett, Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson, Life at These Speeds by Jeremy Jackson and Fantasy Lover by Sherylinn Kenyon. Feel free to check out my Shelfari shelf that's now on the blog. If you prefer books I've read or to be read, let me know. I'll change it around. Enjoy.


  1. I've been meaning to try Clive Cussler one of the days. I see he's on your Shelfari doo-hickey...if I ever get a hot second, I think I might.

    Oh, and hi!

  2. You like my Shelfari shelf. Isn't it neat? You'll love Clive Cussler. Go for it and hi Frank.

  3. I enjoyed reading your posts on your blog. The Shelfari shelf image is awesome.


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