Saturday, October 17, 2009

Smash Cut

If you love great thrillers with lots of drama and some romance, Sandra Brown's Smash Cut, the first book in the Mitchell and Associates thriller series, is the one of you. When millionaire Paul Wheeler was murdered, his family retrained Derek Mitchell to represent his nephew Creighton, although he haven't been charged with the murder. Wheeler's mistress, Julie Rutledge, who was also a suspect, had believed he was the killer in spite of his rock-solid alibi, and would do anything to prove his guilt to clear her name. And when Derek learned more about Crieghton's dark side, he believed Julie was right. As the clock ticked down, they teamed up to learn the truth about his reenacted cinematic gory scenes and the secret behind it.

This romantic suspense dealt with lots of hard core suspense and action all the way through with an edgy plot line and a startling twist.  I cared abut Julie and Derek and despised Creighton, who gave me the creeps. I loved the southern feel for the location and the Hollywood-like settings. This send me chills down my spine. It was enough to make you scream a blood-curdling one. This is the creme of the crop with plenty of chills, thrills, and breath-taking non-stop blood-pounding action with intrigue!

Will you discover the secret behind the smash cut? If so, pick it up today!

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