Tuesday, October 6, 2009

State of Fear

If you love thrillers with a hint of scientific fact, you'll enjoy State of Fear by the late Michael Crichton. Peter Evans was an environmental lawyer and worked for a multi-millionaire, when an eco-terrorist group had threatened to target humans in order to save the planet. Peter's client, George Morton, believed it's been spearheaded by Nicholas Drake, the leader of the NERF organization. Between Peter and George, they would divert Drake's action from getting excess money with a new contract. While there was a global warming war out there, the real battle was between Evans and Drake. In this futuristic techno-thriller and eco-thriller, this had gotten action-packed page-turners in every scene and chapters, filled with suspense, drama, intrigue and lots of surprises. You'll be at the edge of the seat with this one. So be wary of global warming, if lightning doesn't strike twice. This is a good read.

This was another great and earlier classic Michael Crichton thriller. It had a glimpse of a futuristic eco-thriller. It dealt with eco-terrorism and our planet as a hole with global warming. I loved Peter Evans and his fight for justice with George Morton. I didn't like Nicholas Drake that much. This one packed a helluva punch with action, drama and tons of suspense in every page. You would care for Peter and the love for the planet, too.

Ready to save the planet? Give this copy a try!

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