Sunday, November 15, 2009

Summer of a Summer Night

If you love historical romances with some excitement of suspense and a happy ending, you'll love Lisa Kleypas's Secrets of A Summer Night, the first book int he Wallflowers series. This dealt with Annabelle's search for a peer husband. We were also introduced to Evangeline, Daisy and her sister Lillian, the other fellow Wallflowers, who were also looking for love. She had her eyes on Sir Simon Hunt, a rich commoner, who wasn't looking for marriage and wanted to introduce her to blissful pleasure. Her friends wanted to line her up with someone to protect her from Simon, when one summer night changed everything for her. They ended up falling in love, when they realized they were meant for each other and declared their love for each other. This made your heart go pitter patter.

I loved the introduction of this series of four lonely girls, who weren't always the belles of the balls, and unlucky in the romance department. I also loved how they became friends and formed a bond. I thought Simon was a dashing gentleman for Annabelle, when they helped each other. This made me sigh and fall in love with the characters for real, too. There's no other historical romance series like this one, when each wallflower gets their own romance per season.

Ready to find a great read? Give this one a whirl today!

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