Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friends in High Places

In Donna Leon's Friends in High Places, the 9th book in the Commissario Brunnetti Italian mystery series, we were introduced to another suspenseful mystery in beautiful Italy. It all started when a young bureaucrat visited Guido to investigate the lack of official approval for his apartment building, his first impression was on who he knows to bring pressure on that government department. But when he rung him at work and sounded scared, he was late found dead when he had fallen from some scaffolding, someone was strangely going that has far more greater implications than the fate of his apartment building.

 This was another great Guido Brunetti Italian mystery in the series. I continued to love the vast and scenic beautiful settings and locations in Venice Italy with those vivid descriptions. I also cared about Guido and what he might find that dealt with some dirty politicians. I became curious on the death of the young bureaucrat and how far would that trail of politics would go. This would make you speechless and drop your jaw down to the ground.  Great drama, suspense, intrigue and tons of mystery along with the way with non-stop action.

Do you have friends in high places? If so, give this a try today!

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