Thursday, December 31, 2009


In the Gatekeeper, the third book of the Kelly Jones Thriller series, this dealt with domestic terrorism that serial killers, right in our backyard. This was the best one yet. From Arizona to New York and Texas, this was action-packed with every twist and turn on every page. For Kelly and Jake, this one changed everything, when they've gotten engaged. Kelly worked on a disturbing case of someone dismembering senators, when Jake was sent to work to rescue an abducted teen. But little did they know, both cases would be related by someone who was the leader of reuniting hate groups to terrorize our own country with an explosive ending.  There was even a bit of a mini love triangle and shocking twists in the end, making you want to know more and more for the final installment. Hands down, this was a winner and the series kept getting better. 

This one tackled one of the toughest battles our country ever had to battle in our entire history: homeland terrorism. Disturbing as it was, this one took it to a different level to have gone further and farther. I loved how both Kelly and Jake became an official item and worked on one big gigantic lead to connect their cases together. I hate that it dealt with hate crimes and terrorism. Some scenes were a bit tough to swallow with a bitter aftertaste.  But it was excellent, through and through.

Ready to stomach some hard core nitty gritty? Grab a copy and give it a go today!

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