Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Echo Burning

If you love to try new thriller series, then you'll enjoy Lee Child's Echo Burning, the fifth book in the Jack Reacher series. This dealt with Jack, a loner and a hitchhiker, who got caught up with helping Carmen Greer, a troubled seductive woman  who gave him a lift. In return, she needed protection from her abusive and dangerous husband and ended up in a crossfire of another small town filled with corrupted politician and dirty secrets and a plan. Before sun set, this ride could cost both of them their own lives.  And what was mind-blowing in this thriller was what happened between them with one car ride.

This was another good Jack Reacher thriller from Lee Child. I did continue to care for Jack and became dubious about Carmen Greer and her own intentions. No one should be stuck in an abusive relationship. When in doubt, they should get out. I loved the small town connection to this one as well with another dirty of political corruption tied to the line. I didn't like Carmen's husband and wasn't sure to trust her as well. This is fact-paced, action-packed for a quick and easy read with plenty of intrigue and suspense along the way. So hang onto your seats for a wild and twisted ride as well.

Did you see echo burning? If not, grab a copy for yourself this week!

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