Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Edge of Sight

In Roxanne St. Clare's Edge of Sight, the first installment in the Guardian Angelinos romantic suspense series, this novel would leave you breathless and at the edge of her seat. When Samantha Fairchild witnessed a murder in the wine cellar of the restaurant she worked out, it had literally sent him running for the hills. And when someone came after her, she ran into her ex-flame Zach Angelino as she hid into her friend Vivi's apartment. From there, she needed Zach to protect her from the hit man who wanted to see her dead. And Vivi, Zach's twin sister, suggested Zach to protect her while she investigated the murder itself. As she ducked for cover in a safe house with Zach, they came to terms about their feelings for each other and resolved issues, including why didn't didn't contact her during the war. Though one-eyed with all of the guilt and battle scars on him and in him, he told her the truth and stopped the killer from coming after her with the big reveal on who was really behind the hit on her with a shocking end.

This was a beautiful and explosive romantic suspense novel in a brand new series. I cared about Samantha and how she overcame obstacles to defeat the odds. I also adored Zach and Vivi, who were two of a kind in their own Italian family way. In spite of Zach losing his eye in the war, it showed how diversity and how beauty is only skin deep from the inside-out. I loved the Boston suburban area for the scenic locations and glorious scenery. This would have you gasp, leave you breathless and speechless, and at the edge of the seat with intrigue, non-stop action, drama, and plenty of heated romance along the way.

Will you be ready to check out Edge of Sight today?

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