Friday, May 20, 2016

To Love Anew

In Bonnie Leon's To Love Anew, the first installment in the Sydney Cove historical/inspirational romance series, she wrote us a captivating romance about redemption through the Lord and finding new love again. Set in the 1800s in London,Hannah Talbot had lost everything, when her mother died as she couldn't paid the rent. Forced to work for a cruel employer, he had taken advantage of her and banished her to work on a prisoner ship. For John Bradshaw, he was a successful business man, who was betrayed by the people who mean the most to him and sentenced to work on the same ship. Both of them worked hard labor and meet new people on the trip to New South Wales, Australia. While Hannah harbored a terrible secret from her past, a connection between Hannah and John had formed. When they arrived as prisoners on a new land, they worked for the same family and dealt with new conflicts along the way. And only they became to love anew and find their way to each other with help from our Lord's forgiveness.

This was a beautiful and touching historical, inspirational romance novel that pulled at my heart strings and made me cry. I instantly cared for Hannah and how she was mistreated in London, when Ruby was a kind soul to her. I felt the same way for John whose wife and cousin were cruel. But I loved how they came together by working on the same ship and then on the same land. I loved the dual locations of England and Australia, plus on the water that showed how cruel fate can be to others. This would make you pray, weep, and kick a pillow along the way in every captivating page. This has romance, suspense, drama and non-stop action with intrigue.

Will you find love anew with God and with someone else?

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