Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Searcher

In Christopher Morgan Jones's thriller, The Searcher, this novel told a tale of international espionage and great adventure set in Eastern Europe.  For Isaac Hammer, he was a lone Englishmen looking for his friend and business partner, Benedict "Ben" Webster. Reported missing from his wife, he goes searching for him in war-torn Georgia. From there, when he first arrived, it wasn't easy, since he caught up into a riot and a political revolt against the government. He was later thrown around with a missing passport at the airport, and then he met Koba his taxi driver. Little did he know, his search for truth and justice had let to what happened previously in London for their newspaper that reported a bombing and killed their friend. He had met some interesting people along the way that would do anything to stop him from finding the answers he longed to seek and find. And as it led him across the border to Russia in the end, he became suspicious of the company he kept and those who he should've left behind along the way with a shocking and twisted ending.

This was a terrific spy thriller that deals with current day events in war-torn Georgia and a bit of Russia. I did care for Hammer and how he had many stops to find his friend Ben in Georgia, which wasn't easy and turbulent like a plane flight. We do get to know about him better and his past and the people he had met along the way--some good and the rest so bad. I liked the dual locations of Georgia and a bit of Russia with rustic and compelling descriptions and visual scenic settings. This would make you want to bite your nails, hold your breath, gasp, and hang onto your seat from start to finish.

Will you follow the journey of the Searcher today?

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