Sunday, April 30, 2017


In Dee Davis's, Endgame, the first instalment in the Last Chance romantic suspense series, you'll be thrown and blown away in this novel. When Madison's godfather Cullen Pulaski asked her to join his Last Chance team, this tenacious FBI profiler seeks him out in New York to find out about the problem. When she joins his joint task force team with her friend Harrison, things aren't what it seems to be. And then she met Gabriel Rourke, a man who's intrigued by Madison at first, a man who's kept personal stuff of his own to his chest. It all started to find a thread between the mysterious deaths of members of the consortium who had hoped to have this accord with the Chinese trade go through. Straight from the president himself, Cullen would pull no punches to find out who's taken out the board members. As they worked with the previous deaths, new ones had come along the horizon for them to figure it out. Besides all this, they had to deal with a potential mole in the midst as they're thrown together by enemy fire and potential red herrings along the way.  While they grab hold with the feelings for each other, they come closer truth of who's behind the mess, when it hit too close to home for Madison. In dawning realization, she discovers the true culprit and his ambitious MO behind it with a twisted closing as she fought for her life and rebounded with true love.

This was a fantastic introduction to the crazy world of high-stakes politics and power had taken center stage in this romantic suspense. I instantly cared for Madison and for Cullen, too, and had grown to like Gabriel as well. He's certainly a man of mystery and had come to care for her. I liked the dual locations of Quantico and New York City in every action-packed scene from start to finish.  This would leave you breathless and have you guessing from start to finish with romance, non-stop action, drama and plenty of intrigue.

Will you be the one to stop the endgame today?

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