Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kale to the Queen

In Nell Hampton's Kale to the Queen, the first installment in the Kensington Palace Chef Mystery culinary cozy series, this would take you across the pond for a real treat in this cozy mystery. For Carrie Anne Cole, she just landed her dream job to be the personal chef for the duke and duchess in London. Other than she being American, she had came across a hard time in her first week of the job. One of her chefs was found murdered in a bed of kale in the greenhouse, while the other was placed under suspicion. Other than being the new girl in town, she had dealt about under scrutiny for the people she worked for and to make a good first expression with her culinary skills. While she had to hire new chefs and butted heads with the master chef of the kitchen, she ran into unsavory people, while trying to clear one of the chef's name. Then she had to contend with a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, while they were on break and parted ways. While she had thought on who had done it and why, she came across the killer and fought for her life to get the answers she was well sought after.

This was a terrific debut introduction to the series. I really cared for Carrie Ann and how she made new friends in the Kensington Palace. I adored Penny and thought Ian Gordon was a bit charming. I also loved the picturesque London settings inside and outside the Kensington Palace for the locations.  Although this had a list of recipes in the back, it sounded yummy to eat. This would make you want to hail and salute royalty, turn the page and keep reading with plenty of suspense, non-stop action, drama and intrigue.

Will you be ready to check out Kale to the Queen today?

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