Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Goat Woman of Largo Bay

In Gillian Royes's the Goat Woman of Largo Bay, the first installment in the Shadrack Myers mystery series, this tale will welcome you to the island coastline of Jamaica. For Shad Myers, he's a bartender and problem solver for his boss Eric Keller, an American who owns the restaurant he works for. When Eric and Shad check out an islet off from the island, they thought they saw a goat in a former hotel that was wiped away from the hurricane. It was a woman named Simone who came there to hide from her past life in America. But when two cons approached her, it was up to Shad and Eric to protect her, while Eric became fascinated for her and had brought her supplies and food by a boat. When her brother Cameron paid them a visit, they learned about Simone's grief and her past as they protected her from outside evil. For Shad, he tried to put the pieces together and on how it was connected to his former life as an ex-con and dirty politics that's been going on in his own country.

This was an intriguing mystery series set in Jamaica. I did like Shad and Eric, two different men who are friends, and totally opposites for each other. I also cared for Simone who had a hard life and a whole lot of emotional baggage to deal with, before she took cover in that rundown hotel. I also liked the vivid descriptions of Jamaica in the locations and settings and learned about their culture, too. This would make you want to raise eyebrows in every page turn, and be hooked into this compelling storyline with non-stop action, drama, a hint of romance, and intrigue along the way.

Will you be curious to know about the goat woman of Largo Bay?

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