Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fowl Prey

In Mary Daheim's Fowl Prey, the second installment in the Bed-and-Breakfast Cozy mystery series, this cozy will compel you to keep on reading to the last page. It's a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, when Judith McConigle and her cousin Serena "Renie" Jones head to Canada for a brief respite. When they arrived in the Hotel Clovia, Judith bumped into an old high school friend named Maria. Due to a mix-up with registrations, Maria offered them a room on the fifth floor, due to the cancellation from two guests.  later met the "Elusive Eight" who were all actors at some time and formed an inner circle. That also included Kent "Spud" Forbisher who was Maria's high school sweetheart. During the first day of their stay, they discovered the dead body of Robin "Bob-o" O'Rourke, the popcorn vendor, dead in the elevator shaft. Later his parakeet was found dead too. Between the fog and the RCMP going on strike, it was up to Judith to dig deeper into everyone's lives and Robin's, too, in order to get home for the holidays. And before she knew it, she cracked the case and learned who was the true culprit was and why.

This was another intriguing cozy mystery from Mary Daheim. I cared for Judith and Renie and how they carried on to a new journey since the first book in the series. Thick as thieves, they do crack me up at some times. I also found some of the characters interesting like Spud and Maria, and how they led separate lives. I enjoyed the dual locations of Canada and Seattle with vivid scenic settings to paint the picture of the hotel and the tepid bad weather they had. This would keep you turning the page and guessing from start to finish with a shocking ending that would cinch it all.

Will you be a witness to Fowl Prey today?

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