Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Girl who Knew Too Much

In Amanda Quick's the Girl Who Knew Too Much, this tale takes you to the 1930s in this novel that's a cross of historical romance and romantic suspense. For Anna Harris, she had witnessed her former boss's death and discovered a secret notebook. From there, she leaves NYC to Hollywood, changed her name to Irene Glasson, and become a gossip reporter. When she becomes entrenched into a hot story featuring actor Nick Tremayne, she uncovers the truth behind the first death. Along the way, she meets Oliver Ward, a former magician and now the owner of Burning Cove Hotel in California. In an instant, there's a brewing chemistry between them. But the more she dig deeper to the truth to find a connection, she's evicted, loses her job, and threatened by others, when the past had caught up with her. When she fills Oliver in, he helps her set a trap to eliminate him as a threat, since he cares for her. In the end, she had thought she had it put together when the true culprit prepares to do away with her unless she could get to her first in a shocking ending.

This is a real fantastic new story from Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Krentz.) I really cared for Anna/Irene and how she put together this puzzle from start to finish. She's charismatic and has tons of guts to cover this story, while putting herself into danger. I liked Oliver and how he cared for Irene, while he became curious about her. The dual settings of California and bits of New York City were fantastic with surreal imagery to capture that time period wonderfully for the locations. This has everything you could ever want for--romance, non-stop action, drama, mystery, and suspense from start to finish for a great read.

Will you be encaptured to read The Girl Who Knew Too Much today?

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