Saturday, May 27, 2017

Making Waves

In Laura Moore's Making Waves, the first installment in the Beach Lane contemporary romance series, this debut will make you score big by hitting the waves of love and crash land on the shore with a compelling novel. Dakota Hale is the owner of Premier Services concierge services in the Hamptons. When her uncle Elliott decides to sell the family home of Windhaven to a new buyer, it caused an uproar with her single mother Piper and her aunt Mimi. Between the both of them, they had it in for her, since she wasn't welcome much into the Hale family since childhood. When she met Max Carr, a Wall Street financier, she had agreed to help him redecorate her former family home.  In an instant, they had a business relationship. Later, they had a love affair that had something else. For Max, he wasn't looking for romance, when he hired Dakota. He had a ghost in his past and a prickly thorn in his side at work. For Max and Dakota, things had changed, when she learned she was pregnant with his child and then decided to get married. He had taken care of her and had grown to love her and vice versa, when something had troubled him somewhere down the road. While Piper and Mimi tried to give Dakota a hard time, she had broken free from them and gave them the heave-ho, right after she discovered the truth about her biological father from her own mother.  In the end, they made things work out between them and had fallen in love with each other before their baby was born.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance series debut. I instantly cared about Dakota and on how she tried to make it her own. I had felt compassion for Max and how he was haunted---perhaps tormented--by his twin sister's death. I couldn't stand Mimi and Piper one bit and was glad Dakota told them to stay out of her life in her own way.  I loved the Hampton locations and the surfing scenes on the water along with the central NYC settings. This was a phenomenal read, while you can get swept away by this emotional love story, it would make you feel touched and cry. This has drama, romance, non-stop action and a hint of mystery.

Are you ready to be making waves with this novel?

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