Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Perfect Stranger

In Megan Miranda's The Perfect Stranger, this thriller will give you goosebumps and make you second-guess the people you know and the people you trust.  When failed journalist Leah Stevens meets a woman named Emmy Grey in Boston, they both agree to go on the run to Philly to make a fresh start for their new life. But things aren't what they seem to be, when she goes missing and reports her disappearance to the police. From there, Leah discovers that one of her students are stalking her, Emmy's boyfriend turns up dead in the car, and a semi-dead woman named Bethany Jarvitz is in a coma. One way or another, they all appear connected together, when the police point her finger at Leah as her past had come back to haunt her from Boston. And the police have no proof of Emmy's existence, except for her own word. It's up to Leah to pick up the pieces to discover how she's been used and played by Emmy to solve this puzzle and face her so-called friend in person to bring her down for her own crimes in the end.

This was a fascinating and intriguing thriller to read for Netgalley. I instantly cared for Leah and became concerned for her plight and how she discovered how someone was using her and stalking her at the same time. I also cared for her search for answers to find Emmy and face her with the truth to seek liberating justice for herself, while she herself can't return to Boston for what she had done. I had found Kyle a handsome charming Philly PD detective and how they became together in this case together. I liked the dual locations of Philly and Boston, which had painted the picture clear with vibrant colors for the scenic settings.  This would make you shake your head, hold your breath, gasp, and shiver all over with non-stop drama, action, intrigue, and suspense with a hint of mystery.

Will you be wary of the Perfect Stranger today?

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