Saturday, June 10, 2017

What I Did for Love

In Susan Elizabeth Phillips' What I Did for Love, the 4th installment in the Wynette, Texas contemporary romance series, this novel would make your heart melt and root for the underdog.  Ever since Georgie York's ex-husband made news with his latest squeeze, all she wanted was someone to love her and have a baby of her own. The comedic movies she'd made had  became flops. As a former child star from a well-loved sitcom series, she became a household name under the tutelage of her widower father Paul York. Everything's been busy and unloved between them. When she came up with a proposal to make her own headlines to her friend Trevor, her former co-star Bram Shepard came into her life. He's been known to be problematic and aggressive and the sole resason why the show was canceled years ago. When she went to Vegas to seek solace, Bram folowed her there. After a couple of drinks, they wound up married and surprised Hollywood.  Between the two of them, they had a convenient marriage, when Bram had cleaned up his act and wanted to produce an indie film, while Georgie wanted to step out on her own, be her own person, and be behind the camera. In order to make things work, they had to deal and tolerate with each other, while they slowly fell in love with each other and later get married with each other for real love.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance novel. I instantly cared for Georgie and Bram's love affair as well with her father's with her aunt Laura found love with each other. I'e also grown to love Chaz in her own unique way. This moved my heart and pulled at my heartstrings. They were some tender moments with a hint of humor that made me laugh and smile.  I loved the California location and the vivid scenes for the settings. This would make you find a second chance in romance--or your first one--and be enchanted from start to finish with drama, a hint of action, romance, and a sprinkle of intrigue.

Will you be tempting to check this out today?

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