Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Nice Cup of Tea

In Celia Imrie's A Nice Cup of Tea, the third installment in the Nice cozy mystery series, this newest installment would send you traveling to France and some parts of London England. It all started with five retired ex-pat friends who chipped in and brought a divine French restaurant in Bellevue-sur-Mer. But they're having trouble making ends meet with not enough customers to keep their business afloat on the French Riviera waters. Sooner or later, they would have to deal with closing shop and taking the next offer from someone to take it off their hands. For Theresa, she has to deal with a stalker who's obsessed with her, while her granddaughter Chloe is missing and presumed to have runaway with her high school boyfriend. For Sally, she came across two old friends from her acting days and then landed a plum job to star in a movie in Monte Carlo.  While all of this is going on, they needed more customers to save their business. But when troublesome danger lurks ahead, they would deal with a difficult situation in a life-and-death matter in the end.

This was a nice installment in the cozy mystery that's set in rustic France and in part of London. I did care for Sally, Theresa and their three other friends, and how they would manage to try to keep their business alive. I did feel sorry for Sally who had to deal with her daughter and her acting career, while Theresa dealt with a stalker and helping her daughter find her granddaughter Chloe. They were some good humorous tidbits of humor interwoven to keep you in suspense with non-stop drama, action,  suspense, and intrigue. I did feel that the recipes aren't needed, since this isn't a culinary cozy that featured the French food in the story. And the post-script isn't really needed either.

Will you stop by for a nice cup of tea and enjoy this story?

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