Saturday, October 19, 2019

Cookies and Clairvoyance

In Bailey Cates's Cookies and Clairvoyance, the 8th installment in the Magical Bakery culinary cozy mystery series, this enticing caper would make you seek your teeth into this chilling novel. For Katie Lightfoot, she's not your ordinary baker. She's half-witch and half-Native American and have been endowed by two magical forces as her gift as a lightwitch. And when Kensington Bosworth stopped by her bakery, she paid a closer look on him. Later on, word had it that Randy Post, a local fireman had been arrested for his murder. And it's up to her and her coven of lightwitches to find out who's the real murder. While she's planning her wedding to Declan, a fireman who had a leprechaunic gift of his own, and building her dream home, she became the police's consultant on everything paranormal and magical in Bosworth's murder. She interviewed everyone who became close to him and everything that might be important to him to help her solve the case. But when she tried a spell to pinpoint the murder, someone threw a monkeywrench at her with an anti-magic spell of their own. She would do everything in her power to get her magic back and solve the mystery at the same time.

This was a great culinary mystery that has a hint of magic in it. I did care for Katie and how she dealt with wedding planning and working at the bakery while learning her craft. I did love how she was a bit diverse by being half-witch and half-Native American with a dollop of magical gifts. I've thought Declan was a hot piece of Irish eyecandy. I loved the location and the mesmerizing scenic settings in Savannah for the backdrop. This would make you intrigued and spellbound with non-stop action, plenty of spicy suspense, a scoop of drama, and lots of mystery on every page.

Will you check out Cookies and Clairvoyance today?

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