Thursday, August 27, 2009

Black Rose

In the second installment of the In the Garden trilogy series by Nora Roberts, Black Rose focused on Roz Harper.  A widow with three grown sons and one failed marriage, her garden nursery was thriving with the help of new mom Hayley and newlywed Stella.  The three of them had bonded and became close friend and soul sisters. With their future under attack by the Harper Bride's ghostly appearance, she teamed up with Dr. Mitchell Carnegie, a genealogist, to delve into her family's ancestral history. The closer they've gotten together to the truth, the most intriguing chemical attraction have occurred to them. To save them from impending doom, it was a race against time to discover the truth and put them to rest for her to soon close over.  If you love romance stories with a twist, read this trilogy in order.

This was a great follow-up from Blue Dahlia in the In the Garden trilogy. I loved how it focused on Roz Harper, the matriarch. I cared for her whole family more, when she had a second chance to find love. The ensuing ghost story continues on, when we get to know more about the Harper Bride some more. I loved the genealogical angle in this romance. I also loved how it threw Roz and Mitchell together and possibly Harper to Hayley together. I continued to love the gardening-greenhouse scenes as well.

Ready to watch a rose grow? Give this book a go! 

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