Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Great Deliverance

If you love a great mystery series, you should try Elizabeth George's A Great Deliverance, set in England. It all started with a murder, while you could still hear the baby cry from Keldare from 300 years ago. Now back to present day Scotland Yard, when we were introduced to Inspector Thomas Lynley, who was also the 8th earl of Asherton, and his partner, Detective Sargeant Barbara Havers.  When they were on this first crime scene together of a savage murder, it shocked and stunned everyone in the countryside. They've found Roberta Teys in her best dress and with an axe in her hands, when she confessed on the murder of her father by beheading him. Together they learned the shocking secrets of Keldare and the truth behind the scandals of the peaceful town. It had ended with a tragic twist of circumstance and Biblical proportions of a ghastly nature. The duo of Havers and Lynley made an interesting pair, even on PBS's Mystery series, if you watched it on TV. Lots of shocking twists and turns to keep your eyes peeled. Dig in!

This was an interesting reading to get started with the series. I enjoyed learning about Lynley and Havers with their backstory in this excellent mystery. I loved the connection to Scotland Yard and the United Kingdom. I enjoyed the pair of Havers and Lynley on how they solved this grisly murder.  Keldare made for an interesting locale for the macabre crime. Nice drama, great crime-solving duo to solve this mystery, and nice action in the scenes. This would make you gasp and take a deep breath, after you could stomach the harrowing opening scenes.

Ready to deliver a good read? Pick up a copy today!

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