Saturday, September 19, 2009

And Only to Deceive

If you love historical romances with a hint of suspense, you'll love And Only to Deceive by Tasha Alexander. Set in Victorian England, Lady Emily Ashton mourned the loss of her late husband of six months who died in an African safari, right after her wedding. Now two years later, she learned new shocking details on the man she thought she knew and had married. By delving into Philip's journals, she became fascinated in Greek artifacts. On her pursuit for the truth, she had two suitors who want her hand, one of them was Colin, her late husband's friend. She became a bit suspicious of him, as he had every intention on making her fall in love with him, and discovering who he really was, as a prospectus new romance and love triangle bloomed ahead of her. The closer she learned more about the truth, new surprises turned up along the way. With every twist and turn, even in France, this would keep you at the edge of the seat, rooting for her on every page. This is a must new read for this series.

This was a wonderful introduction to the historical suspense/thriller series. I loved the Victorian feel in England for time period. I also loved the scenes in Egypt, too. I did feel sorrow for Lady Emily and became intrigued into her story to find justice for her husband. I did feel a sense of chemistry for Emily and Colin to get together. Everyone was suspect for her. I loved how her family backed her up, when she was grieving and angry. This sent goosebumps and chills down my spine with a warm soothing sensation afterwards. This was a perfect cross-genre blend of historical romance and thriller.  Great suspense, excellent intrigue, and good dramatic action, too.

Don't be deceived! Go out and cherish this novel today!


  1. So whats your favorite genre? Also, u mentioned book sale in November? What is that about?

  2. Kristen, I enjoyed this book too when I read it! I think she has another book out, but I'm not sure.


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