Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Chick and the Dead

This is another great paranormal cozy from Casey Daniels. In the second installment of the Pepper Martin series, the Chick and the Dead, this was when Pepper dealt with a ghost from the 50s who needed to cross over. She needed Pepper to help solve her murder and why she lost her life. While Pepper needed more rent money, she agreed to take the role of a secretary and searched around a family tree of hidden secrets to get the answer to the truth. It dealt with a lot of drama,  action, conflict and a hint of romance between Pepper and Quinn, set in my hometown region of Cleveland Ohio.

This is another great cozy series with a light ghost stories. I loved how each central ghost had come from a different time zone. Talk about the blast from the past! I became concerned about Pepper, when she dealt with another unhappy ghost and still recovering from her head injury. I do love the chemistry between Quinn and Pepper, when she'd gotten closer to the truth about this ghost's cold case. An easy read to enjoy anytime for a good cozy read.

Ready to enter the time warp again? Check out a cozy today! 

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