Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Storm Cycle

If you love fast-paced thrillers that span the world, you'll love Iris Johansen's Storm Cycle. This is the second one she wrote and teamed up with her son Roy, a mystery writer.  Rachel Kirby was a computer genius and climbed up the corporate ladder, while her personal life is a living hell. Her twin sister had a chronic illness that would kill her someday. When she received a mysterious email one day, she became intrigued and wary of the price. Thousands of miles away, archeologist John Tanek was trapped in a collapsed Egyptian tomb with a working laptop--he knew Rachel might be the one to help him, since the collapse was no accident. He discovered something very valuable that people have been searching for in America--for Rachel, it might be the cure to save her sister. While she worked on rescuing John, she found herself trapped into a web of deceit. Should she trust Tanek? Will they survive to discover the mystery inside the tomb? What a thrilling roller-coaster ride.

This was a powerful thriller. I loved how Iris and Roy made this one thriller like it was one of their own. I loved how they brought up the concept that bridge the distance. Across the seas, I liked how Rachel and John Tanek were brought together... by a computer. I hated that Rachel's sister was put into the middle of this, due to a cure. But the Egyptian tomb link was a clincher. Plenty of drama and intense suspense into this powerhouse thriller.

Ready to embrace a storm? Hold on tight with a copy now!

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