Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In the 25th installment of the Alex Delaware mystery series, Deception dealt with the death of Elise Freeman, a prep school teacher, who was tortured and killed by her tormentors. It was up to Alex and Milo to discover what remained behind closed doors of the well-esteemed prep school. They later learned her killers were also killers at the same school, too. While the school close ranked against the scandal, they unearthed some rather disturbing and shocking dirty secrets. When they were ready to apprehend her killers, they might step into the halls of a booby-trapped death trap in the school.  There were many twists and turns to take you on a wild ride. This is another fine page-turner for sure. You'll love it.

This was another compelling mystery to read. Of course, the crime scenes of this murder was a bit gruesome in nature as well. I continued to root for Alex and Milo as they face the head of danger dead on. I liked the idea of how a prep school become the backdrop, while the California location was an ideal spot to place the series. I did become worried about Alex and Milo in the school. This had plenty of twists and turns to keep reading  right to the end. Plenty of intrigue and action to balance the mystery out, too.

Don't be deceived. Take a change by checking this out today!

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  1. It may be true in real life too. I mean...sometimes there is more than one can see.


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