Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Silent Sea

In The Silent Sea, the 7th book in the Oregon Files series by Clive Cussler, Juan Cabrillo and his crew wee after another ship from our history, way back in World War II. They didn't expect to come across something that might cause them trouble--this time they chased the remnants of a satellite from NASA. Only they were after Argentinian soldiers, who were illegally drilling in Antartica, and uncovered an ancient curse from 500 years ago. Another compelling quick action-adventure on the high seas and abroad. Lots of drama and action for a great page-turner.

This had a lot of drama on the sea and below the surface. I loved how they explored South America and went down to the Arctic Circle to Antarctica. Excellent scenery to keep you captivated all day long with this fascinating read. I did care about Juan and his crew, when they dealt with those soldiers and the ancient Chinese curse, too. I loved their knowledge of shipwrecks and other sea-faring vessels as well. Great action, tons of adventure on the water with intrigue, mystery and lots of surprising twists.

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