Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'll Be Watching You

If you love great fast-paced romantic suspense/thriller  novels, you'll love this one by Andrea Kane. In I'll Be Watching You, Taylor Halstead was a psychologist and well-known radio personality, who feared she would never be safe again. And then a mysterious email came. First her cousin Stephanie's boyfriend Gordon Mallory violated her private home. Later both of them were killed on his yacht in an explosion.  She was later being stalked and terrorized by a psycho who was obsessed with her, and would do anything to get closer to her... even kill people close to her. It had  escalated from there. Meanwhile, she fell in love with Reed Weston, a handsome lawyer who helped her out. This was one of the finest ones from her yet.

This one sent shivers up and down my spine in cold waves of numbness. From the first page to the last, I would hooked into this thriller and couldn't even dare put it down for a long while. I did feel bad for Taylor, when all of this had happened to her all at once. I did feel that Reed cared for her, too. I loved the tri-state area location to place the scenes in day and night. Great suspense, plenty of dramatic action with intense romance and a thrilling shocking twist at the end.

Why not check this out today!

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